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Finally made the move to a new monitor!  :w00t:



I used a VGA to DVI adapter that came with my 2011 Dell to keep using my old 2004 Compaq SVGA monitor.  However, the adapter didn't fit the new Dell I got because DVI had been updated from like DVI A to DVI D and I think there's even a DVI I now.



My new monitor is the same size as my Compaq, a 20 inch Acer, but it's rectangular.  My Compaq was square.  So it's taking some getting used to.  Plus, I have a form factor issue with how my desk is set up.  So, now, when I need to use my scanner, I must move the monitor to the right to move it out from over the panel over the scanner.



So, for those who mocked me for still using SVGA like I think LUK did :D I'm in the modern era now.  Funny thing is, this new monitor came with a VGA cable.  And my Dell's graphics card has DVI D, HDMI, and VGA ports on it.  But, my 2011 Dell's graphics card also had a VGA port on it; connecting my monitor to it, though, didn't produce a signal so I had to use the DVI adapter.

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