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SSD's and the swap file

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They claim that large files should not be written to or deleted from an SSD.  If that's the case, what about the swap file?



It's very large and is defaulted to be created when Windows is initially set up.



What about the hiberfil.sys file?  It's exactly the same of the maximum amount of system RAM.  Most PC's ship with 6 GB or 8 GB, for 64 bit PC's, as standard.  So, that means Hibernate would write 6/8 GB to an SSD.



And on to ImgBurn itself.  A Read or Build job can be beyond 25 GB if we're talking about a double layer BD job.  If your PC only has an SSD drive, you have relatively little choice with ImgBurn but to use the SSD.  You could plug in a USB HDD with actual spinning platters but the USB bridge would be limited to 2.0 speed or 3.0 speed at the max.  Well, 3.1 speed coming up soon.  :D

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