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Getting "DVD is Encrypted" Message


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I'm trying to backup a DVD that is encrypted. So I used DVD Decrypter to decrypt the DVD. This produced files on my harddrive that I assume is the contents of the DVD, such as the Video_TS folder, etc.


So then, I assumed that now I can use EasyDVD Clone to burn the DVD onto a DVD5 recordable. From the GUI of EasyDVD, I choose the directory on my hard drive (where DVD decrypter dumped the DVD) as the source. EasyDVD recognizes the source and even says that the DVD source is "ready". But when I start the burn process, it still get the "DVD is encrypted" message. The same message I get if I try to burn directly from the original DVD.


I don't get it. I thought DVD Decrypter was suppose to decrypt the DVD.


Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or if there's something I've misunderstood about the process.


EasyDVD Clone actually allows me to spilt DVD into 2 DVD5 recordable to preserve quality, something I want to try to do.

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What has this to do with ImgBurn?




DVD Decrypter is no longer supported and we don't provide support for other utils.


Apart from that I can only suggest you buy another copy of whatever you are trying to backup. That way you legally own 2 copies.

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and this has what , to do with imgburn?

dvd decrypter was taken out of LIGHTNING_UK!'s hands last year and all support was stopped in dvd decrypter support forums.

we can not and will not help with decrypting /ripping on this forum

sorry if im a bit blunt but all this could get LUK in trouble

try google



edit : you type too fast lmao2k :P

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