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LibreOffice users, please read this post

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If you're a user of LibreOffice, please do me a favor.



I think I've discovered a bug but when I tried to report it, they dismissed me as it couldn't possibly be there.  Because they could never replicate it.  I later discovered after my initial post that it only happens under a very specific circumstance, but when I told them, they just told me it can't be there, without even testing it again under the conditions I described.



So, if you'd test it for me to see if it's there or if it's only on my system, I can put this issue to rest.



In any version after, open Writer.  Hold down the right ALT key (MUST be the right ALT key, not the left.  The left ALT key works, NOT the right.) and try an ALT key shortcut, like ALT+F to open File.  See if File opens or if, as it happens on my system, you simply get a lowercase f added to your Writer document.



IF you can recreate this bug, then it IS a bug.  Please report it to the LibreOffice bug people.  IF I try to post again, they'll just ignore me as they have before.




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