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Dragging and dropping multiple files sometimes only adds first file

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LUK, I don't know if you remember a few years ago, I posted something about how dragging and dropping a list of multiple files into a job sometimes only adds the first file.  I have to manually drag and drop the list of files a 2nd time to add all the files.  I couldn't reproduce the problem so it was never examined any further.  However, I believe I have isolated the factors necessary to reproduce it.



It happens when you drag and drop a list of files where you have multiple files of the same common text string at the start of their names BUT they're not ALL named the same thing.  For instance, here's a sort of list of file names where it happens:



Doctor Who 1

Doctor Who 2

Doctor Who 3

Doctor Who 4

Doctor Who 5

Doctor Who 6

Loose Cannon 1

Loose Cannon 2

Loose Cannon 3

Loose Cannon 4



If I drag and drop this list of files the first time, it only adds Doctor Who 1.  If I drag and drop that same list a second time, it adds all the files.  And it appears that dragging and dropping any files after this will always add the full list of files.  It only happens when ImgBurn is initially opened and the first list of multiple files of this criteria is dragged and dropped into a job.  Any future dragging and dropping will always add the full list of files.  Close ImgBurn, reopen it, and the issue returns until you drag and drop the list the 2nd time.  Then all future dragging and dropping will always add the full list of files.



So, I don't know if this is something in ImgBurn or Microsoft's programming language interface that handles multiple file names lists of the criteria I designated.


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