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CUE sheet CD-TEXT - Is there a way to include release year?


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Hi. I've got quite trivial question, but I can't seem to see any answer to this one. Is there a way to tell CUE sheet to include a release year to CD-TEXT? Does the CD-TEXT even support such thing? Or is that information retriveable through online database using MCN/ISRC and no way writeable to CD?


And what is the barcode number? Is it UPC/MCN? Or just describes the package and is no way usable as catalogue number? I know that barcodes can be used as catalogue number (some libraries list books in online catalogue using barcode, which then act like a local catalogue identification number - international and global identification is made by usage of ISBN). But Audio CD single album is internationally listed using MCN/UPC code. I've came to a CD that doesn't have any information about MCN/UPC, but has a barcode at the top right corner of back cover, exactly 13 digits long. And MCN number is exactly 13 digits long. Could it be the MCN?

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