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  1. Hi. I've got quite trivial question, but I can't seem to see any answer to this one. Is there a way to tell CUE sheet to include a release year to CD-TEXT? Does the CD-TEXT even support such thing? Or is that information retriveable through online database using MCN/ISRC and no way writeable to CD? And what is the barcode number? Is it UPC/MCN? Or just describes the package and is no way usable as catalogue number? I know that barcodes can be used as catalogue number (some libraries list books in online catalogue using barcode, which then act like a local catalogue identification number - international and global identification is made by usage of ISBN). But Audio CD single album is internationally listed using MCN/UPC code. I've came to a CD that doesn't have any information about MCN/UPC, but has a barcode at the top right corner of back cover, exactly 13 digits long. And MCN number is exactly 13 digits long. Could it be the MCN?
  2. So by loading the mounted virtual image in VLC Media Player I've discovered that it's fault of WMPCDText, not Daemon Tools, because CD-Text data were correctly loaded by VLC Player. Looks like WMPCDText has issues on Windows 10. Is a source code available somewhere? If not, I'll simply use VLC Player to play Audio CDs, eighter bought or burnt myself.
  3. Almost year. Are you still there? Audio CD doesn't support MP3. In fact, it doesn't have any file system, it just contains pure raw audio data and some markers for laser reader to know where to move on skip. In order to make an Audio CD from MP3 files, you have to arrange a CUE sheet containing some info. Open ImgBurn (install, if not already), navigate to Tools > Create CUE file... Place your tracks there and re-arrange them as you like. You may actually include some informations about the songs and performers. Those can be inherited from the MP3 files ID3 tags. Name your mix album, set album performer to "Various Artists" and save it anywhere you like. Technical details: Audio CD have two types of data: Raw audio data in PCM 16bit stereo format in 44.1 kHz samplerate, and program instructions for laser reader to know where to move when a skip is made (may be reffered to as time markers). Those markers are the *.cda files when you open the Audio CD in Windows Explorer. However Audio CD has no files. This is just the way Windows Explorer interprets the markers. Audio CD can contain some basic informations about the album (the songs and album credentials you filled in). Those are CD-Text data, a standard digital CD metadata format used to identify disc and every single track. CD-Text is not supported by all CD players, but a CD player without CD-Text support should essentially be able to play digitally labeled CD, it just won't show the wanted informations (it will ignore them). Hope that shall help not only you, bur others who do not understand technical restrictions of old CD players
  4. Some hostings simply do not support SSL, or do not support SSL for free hosting service (Like Endora.cz). I believe that ImgBurn's hosting does support SSL, but for some reason webmaster decided to not include SSL support for the websites. May be the SSL certificate expense? You can't know anything about how the hosting cares for SSL support. You can't know if this is built-in feature in the hosting itself, or is a service separately paid for. I think that there is no need for SSL encryption for forums as no serious data breach could be classified here. However, platforms operating with money should have SSL encryption enabled AND FORCED. Here? What could a hacker possibly do with your account? Alter some informations, post topics, comments, or delete your account straightforward. Be glad your Internet Banking account is safe, that's the real deal.
  5. I preffer to write CUE sheets in my text editor, especially when I'm using a single WAVE or binary file. I load up the file in audacity, place all marks down there, and then write down the marks times in mm:ss:ff format (miliseconds have to be converted to frames using plain old formula of (ms/1000)*75 => rounded result is the frame number to be put there). Building an Audio CD with multiple tracks from a single file doesn't work using GUI, and therefore I'm using Notepad++ with CUE sheet syntax highlighting to build up the Audio CD virtual image from a single file.
  6. You have AdBlock installed and enabled, right? I use that thing, too. But it can't get rid of all malicious ads, just most of them. I think that the malware victim didn't have any ad blocking software installed (or enabled) and therefore was misled by a fake download button...
  7. The CUE Sheet eighter holds CD-Text data straight inside itself in form of CUE sheet commands (TITLE, PERFORMER, SONGWRITER), or in a .cdt file in form of text-encoded binary data (specification for CD-Text *.cdt format can be found online, free and open-source). Nothing between. If there is a *.cdt file linked in a CUE sheet, it will be used instead of inner CD-Text formed by CUE sheet commands. Make sure that there is no *.cdt file linked in the CUE sheet if you want to insert data into the CUE sheet itself.
  8. Hi. I created a virtual Audio CD using single WAVE file and a CUE Sheet with CD and tracks informations (only titles and performers; should be CD-Text compatible), and though it shows correct informations in ImgBurn image information accessed through image to disc burn window, Windows Media Player plugin doesn't seem to be able to read those data. If I try to access CD-Text data manually through context menu item, an error reading CD-Text informations shows up. This is the CUE sheet I made: TITLE "The Last of the Mohicans" PERFORMER "Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman" REM "Released in 1992" FILE MOHICANS.WAV WAVE TRACK 01 AUDIO INDEX 01 00:00:00 TITLE "Main Title" PERFORMER "Trevor Jones" TRACK 02 AUDIO INDEX 00 01:42:56 INDEX 01 01:44:44 TITLE "Elk Hunt" PERFORMER "Trevor Jones" TRACK 03 AUDIO INDEX 00 03:31:29 INDEX 01 03:33:42 TITLE "The Kiss" PERFORMER "Trevor Jones" TRACK 04 AUDIO INDEX 00 06:20:03 INDEX 01 06:22:24 TITLE "The Glade Part II" PERFORMER "Trevor Jones" TRACK 05 AUDIO INDEX 00 08:55:57 INDEX 01 08:57:08 TITLE "Fort Battle" PERFORMER "Trevor Jones" TRACK 06 AUDIO INDEX 00 13:16:30 INDEX 01 13:18:60 TITLE "Promentory" PERFORMER "Trevor Jones" TRACK 07 AUDIO INDEX 00 19:29:68 INDEX 01 19:32:10 TITLE "Munro's Office/Stockade" PERFORMER "Trevor Jones" TRACK 08 AUDIO INDEX 00 22:00:56 INDEX 01 22:03:39 TITLE "Massacre/Canoes" PERFORMER "Trevor Jones" TRACK 09 AUDIO INDEX 00 28:54:42 INDEX 01 28:56:47 TITLE "Top of the World" PERFORMER "Trevor Jones" TRACK 10 AUDIO INDEX 00 31:39:17 INDEX 01 31:42:21 TITLE "The Courier" PERFORMER "Randy Edelman" TRACK 11 AUDIO INDEX 00 34:09:03 INDEX 01 34:11:74 TITLE "Cora" PERFORMER "Randy Edelman" TRACK 12 AUDIO INDEX 00 36:41:58 INDEX 01 36:45:19 TITLE "River Walk and Discovery" PERFORMER "Randy Edelman" TRACK 13 AUDIO INDEX 00 42:14:48 INDEX 01 42:17:02 TITLE "Parlay" PERFORMER "Randy Edelman" TRACK 14 AUDIO INDEX 00 46:03:12 INDEX 01 46:06:35 TITLE "The British Arrival" PERFORMER "Randy Edelman" TRACK 15 AUDIO INDEX 00 48:06:04 INDEX 01 48:09:38 TITLE "Pieces of a Story" PERFORMER "Randy Edelman" TRACK 16 AUDIO INDEX 00 53:06:74 INDEX 01 53:09:46 TITLE "I Will Find You" PERFORMER "Clannad" The corresponding MOHICANS.WAV file exists and plays just fine. I mounted the MOHICANS.CUE file as a virtual Audio CD file via Daemon Tools Lite. May it be the Daemon Tools do not support CD-Text? ImgBurn can read those data just fine, but mounted CD image appears not contain CD-Data at all, or those data appear to be corrupted.
  9. Anything that offers some commercial products on installing different branch can be considered adware. I'm pretty sure these ads in installers just made people upset so they marked it as adware and sent in to AV developers. Avast did not say anything, though... From my personal POV, offering such commercials is intrusive and pretty dangerous. People often do not read what installer asks for and immediately click on Next without checking out what they agree with or what they install on their computer. Then they get upset when their homepage is changed and some vegas toolbar pops up in their browser, when they "agreed" with these settings on installation... I had couple of troubles when disinfecting computer from russian ICQ client called QIP that changed not only homepage to QIP.ru, but even changed code of IE browser to show it was provided by QIP.ru - then returning back to Seznam (czech search engine), it was in russian lang and offering AK-47. Sure there was adware that added couple of ads in the browser. I must say disinfecting that was a pain and I did not avoid fresh install of Windows. Sister installed that for writing with friends, of course the style I described - click on Next, again again again, finish. Hurry up to start chatting. Me and parents got upset when Seznam was gone...
  10. Just one guess: CMC is made up in Tchaiwan or Indonesia? That would give some information why CMC are so bad, everything from Indonesia will be really bad quality. I never looked to disk ID, now I will. Anyway, I never had any troubles with burning, everything finished successfuly. Maybe I was lucky to avoid CMC
  11. That was the virtual drive I had - DAEMON Tools. Will try it out then, if something changed since the las years after we changed XP to Win 7. EDIT: Seems to work just perfect. Thank you. I never though that trying to playin audio cd image directly can cause it won't work...
  12. That's strange. I tried to play CUE file made for converting MP3 files with linked MP3's and it works just fine. Is that completely different compared to playing image? I don't have virtual drive, I had one so much long time ago, but it caused some troubles with system (I was on Windows XP that time ago, though). Also, when I try to open ISO image of DVD video directly in WMP and VLC, it plays it, without any troubles. Why not Audio binary image?
  13. I tried to make image file of audio CD friend gave me, but I can't play the image file eighter with Windows Media Player and VLC player. So I tried to verify the image against original disk and there were number of mismatches, which makes the image unable to read. However when reading, it says operation successful at end. Is there someone who ever made really successful image of audio CD? How? I made image file for DVD video disk, but never was reading disks to backup them to image with ImgBurn - I am pretty novice to that. In attachment there is a log file from today tryout... ImgBurn.log
  14. Later if I will need to make another photo bucket DVD, I will place the photos folder in the root. Also WMP amd VLC play the DVD well with photos in the VIDEO_TS folder, they just ingnore it. Anyway thank you for suggestions
  15. That's strange. I hid it actualy in the VIDEO_TS folder and it works just fine. DVD player plays the presentation and booting in PC asks me whetever to play the disc or open it in Windows Explorer, which will reveal the photos when going to the VIDEO_TS folder. Also that same technique used my teacher to make memoral movie with bucket of photos in addition. And it works... From your advice I can figure out that it's not important where it is placed, if in root or inside of the TS folders as boot format tells exactly what format the DVD will be. Sadly I already burned it and it was last empty DVD I had. Anyway thank you for your advice, will take a care on it later
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