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Rewritable DVD media beyond 4x


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One thing I've noticed about rewritable DVD media beyond 4x rated top write speed.  It seems once you exceed 4x, the lifespan of a rewritable disc is considerably less.  I've been using 4x Ritek DVD-RW and 8x Ritek DVD+RW for years now.  The 8x discs I get about 20 writes out of before they die.  I'm getting dozens out of my 4x discs.


So, why is this the case?  Is it a difference between how DVD-RW and DVD+RW are constructed?  Or is it more down to highest rated speed?  That 8x is more inherently "unstable" than 4x media.




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I checked the Verbatim DVD - RWs I have & they are rated at 2X max write speed.

They seem to have lasted well.

I'm not sure if I have any Verbatim + RWs.

If I do they're" buried deep" somewhere.

I have some Arita that are + RWs they have a 2.4 max write speed.

They are Ricohjpn.

They also go several writes.

I don't have any that are 4x or 8x .

I also don't use these as much as I did at one time.

I used to time shift TV shows with DVD RWs.

Now I use DVRs to to this.

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