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Device Not Ready (Unable to Recover TOC) problem

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Post the log of a burn with this Device Not Ready error.  In ImgBurn, open Help and choose ImgBurn Logs.  Open the file in the folder that opens up, find a failed burn, and copy and paste the entire portion of the log relevant to that burn only.


Just off the top of my head, you're probably using the cheap Verbatims bought in a brick and mortar store, the Life Series.  They will be cheap CMC Magnetics media and not the quality DataLife Plus/AZO Verbatim itself makes.  Those you can only find online.  The log will tell us what media you used.  And that would probably cause a bad media and drive combo.  Using the quality Verbatim media generally makes problems go away, but not always.


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Log is bellow, as well as the link to the disks I bought Are these the good ones?? and are you saying i may need another drive? if so do you have a suggestion that is USB capable??




I 19:20:53 ImgBurn Version started!
I 19:20:53 Microsoft Windows 8 Core x64 Edition (6.2, Build 9200)
I 19:20:53 Total Physical Memory: 16,634,020 KiB  -  Available: 11,399,336 KiB
I 19:20:53 Initialising SPTI...
I 19:20:53 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...
I 19:20:54 -> Drive 1 - Info: TSSTcorp CDRW/DVD TSL462D DE01 (D:) (USB 2.0)
I 19:20:54 Found 1 DVD-ROM/CD-RW!
I 19:21:04 Operation Started!
I 19:21:04 Building Image Tree...
I 19:21:04 Checking Directory Depth...
I 19:21:04 Calculating Totals...
I 19:21:04 Preparing Image...
I 19:21:04 Checking Path Length...
I 19:21:04 Contents: 1 File, 0 Folders
I 19:21:04 Content Type: Data
I 19:21:04 Data Type: MODE1/2048
I 19:21:04 File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02)
I 19:21:04 Volume Label: [Not Configured]
I 19:21:04 Size: 1,279,587,628 bytes
I 19:21:04 Sectors: 624,799
I 19:21:04 Image Size: 1,280,180,224 bytes
I 19:21:04 Image Sectors: 625,088
I 19:21:04 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:00:00
I 19:32:42 Close Request Acknowledged
I 19:32:42 Closing Down...
I 19:32:43 Shutting down SPTI...
I 19:32:43 ImgBurn closed!

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That's not the log of a failed burn.  In fact, that's not the log of a burn, but of an image creation.  Notice that log doesn't say Device Not Ready anywhere in it or anything about a write operation to disc starting.


The link to what you use says you're using the AZO media and I've used those discs before myself.  So, what you've got is most likely a drive that doesn't like that media combination.


I don't buy DVD burners anymore, only BD ones.  So, I can't say what to get as I don't use slim model externals like yours is.  Slim models are notorious for being junk.  I got my first slim internal model with my new PC last year and it quickly showed why they're trash.  Since you're using quality discs, the most likely culprit is you're using a slim model drive.


If you're going to get one, get a half height model drive.  I don't get pre-assembled USB drives anyway.  I buy half height internal BD burners and put them in external USB enclosures for holding half height optical drives.


Plus, according to your log, is that even a DVD capable burner?  ImgBurn says it's CD-RW with DVD-ROM reading capability.  The Amazon product description says it burns DVD but it also says it burns CD+R/RW, which don't exist.  So, who's to say if that drive even supports writing to DVD's.


According to this post:


that drive you're using doesn't write to DVD discs.


Unfortunately, there's conflicting information out there as there some posts that appear to be different kinds of drives called the same thing.  Some don't write to DVD and some apparently do.  Or they're unreliable reports of the same thing.  Plus, there are different "manufacturers" of that drive: Samsung, Dell, HP.  TSST means that Toshiba actually made it and they just farmed it out to different OEM manufacturers.  One of them, this no name company I've never heard of before, Rioddas, just bought them from Toshiba and put them in a USB external enclosure.

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Well thank you for clarifying that. 

I can't seem to find a optical drive enclosure, half or full size on Canadian Amazon or Newegg, could you send me a link so I may know more what to look for? I may have found an alternative of SATA to USB cable and forgo the enclosure would that be a good option?

finally your BD burner,  what model is it I may look into so I don't have to upgrade in the near future


Thank you for all your help. you've been extremely helpful to understand that 3 of the slim "DVD Writers I've bought off amazon as I thought they weren't working

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Oh, you probably won't find any product descriptions for half height.  That's an old term that dates to when hard drives became smaller than the bays they used to put inside of really older computers.  Try finding any kind of enclosure that mentions 5.25 inch drives.  You will probably only find 2.  VanTech and Other World Computing.  Each have their flaws.  For instance, the VanTechs have notoriously poor Chinese manufacturing.  I've had 2 and the first one was junk.  OWC have a problem sometimes with being turned off.  Windows won't recognize the drive unless you unplug and plug in the USB cable back.  And sometimes not even then!  :angry:  I have one where it won't recognize powered off and back on drives until you restart the PC, NOT logging off and back on, with the drive turned on!  :rolleyes:


Oh, and if you're going to use a BD burner, you'll need USB 3.0 enclosures, which is why your choices are limited.  There are plenty of USB 2.x enclosures, but they won't really cut it for BD drives.  So, that means you'll need USB 3.x somewhere in your PC.


Here's the one I'm currently using: https://www.amazon.com/Vantec-NST-536S3-BK-NexStar-External-Enclosure/dp/B01MRUN0HQ/ref=asc_df_B01MRUN0HQ/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312727440900&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15673763883633872416&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9014737&hvtargid=pla-451497912221&psc=1


As for BD burners, there are 2 5.25 inch internal options, LG's WH16NS60 and Pioneer's 209 and 211 models.  They each have their problems.  LG's have a nasty habit of dying early, but they do have good replacement customer service.  209's are harder to find now but are cheaper than 211's, which you only need if you plan on playing UltraHD Blu-Ray movies.  However, Pioneer is constantly borking the firmware of their drives.  There are 2 persistent errors that I know of in their firmware that have been there in the last 2 revisions DESPITE my repeated attempts telling them about them.  :doh:

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