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General lifespan on a quality DVD-R


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I finally have some empirical evidence of just how long a quality DVD-R will last.  I came across a PrimeDisc DVD-R I recorded on 2002-07-11.  The MID is RITEKG03.  This disc was still readable, a single VIDEO_TS from a Panasonic DVD Video recorder, into a new Build job ISO and creating.  The disc passed a read of its contents in DVDShrink as well.  So, a good 18 to 19 years has passed thus far.  It's not too far fetched to say a quality DVD-R will last 20 years at least.  And PrimeDisc wasn't exactly a household name.  Although they apparently made a quality disc 18 plus years ago, farming out to Ritek.  Ritek is a known quantity and I've found their discs are good 2nd tier quality material, although in places outside of North America, Ritek media seems to be pretty bad.  So, it appears to be a quality disc, and a known quality manufacturer like Taiyo Yuden or Mitsubishi would probably last just as long and, most likely, longer.

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