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Best way to verify burn


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:) Hello all,


Which is the best way to verify a good burn? Presently i Check the DVD quality with nerospeed by runnning scandisk then set IMGBURN to verify after write. is this the best way?


I know it sounds an obvious question but as an example I was backing up a dvd & nero said straight away that there were 'bad' (red) sectors on the first bit of the dvd. Played it in my standalone dvd player-it was fine & wrote & verified ok???!


The other way I check an original dvd for errors is put it on fast forward x 20-if the errors are bad the dvd won't play past them. Is this another (quicker!) way then nero?






PS-By the way-I've found some great value DVD + R media called 'write-on'. ?4-00 for 25! Dye is MCC-003-00 & copies great-only had a couple of wrong un's-PM or e-mail me if you want info.

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