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  1. Hello all, Which is the best way to verify a good burn? Presently i Check the DVD quality with nerospeed by runnning scandisk then set IMGBURN to verify after write. is this the best way? I know it sounds an obvious question but as an example I was backing up a dvd & nero said straight away that there were 'bad' (red) sectors on the first bit of the dvd. Played it in my standalone dvd player-it was fine & wrote & verified ok???! The other way I check an original dvd for errors is put it on fast forward x 20-if the errors are bad the dvd won't play past them. Is this another (quicker!) way then nero? Thanks! Chris. PS-By the way-I've found some great value DVD + R media called 'write-on'. ?4-00 for 25! Dye is MCC-003-00 & copies great-only had a couple of wrong un's-PM or e-mail me if you want info.
  2. Hello again all, My quest for excellence in the DVD world continues....basically I'm trying to change a 16:9 widescreen DVD rip to 4:3 (checked the DVD only 16:9 aspect-no option for 4:3) (older tv & I prefer 4:3) by using DixxtoDVD (free version) & changing the aspect to 'force 4:3'. Firstly I rip all files (file mode to their own esktop folder) to a folder, open folder, highlight all files, click 'open' which puts all the files (all VOB, 5 files in total) in to DixxtoDVD, hit 'convert', says 25 minutes. Happily carries on, gets to last 5 seconds & suddenly the 5 seconds is shown as a semi complete green progress 'bar' & goes VERY slowly. The programme is still encoding/analysing at the same speed but the progress bar is VERY slow & stuck on 5 seconds (all be it moving very slowly). Gave up as it had taken 1 1/2 hours (got 640 odd MB on system & 20 GB hard drive). My aim was to then convert to an image with IMAGETOOL & re-burn using decrpter/imageburn to DVD & hey presto, 4:3 aspect!! 2 questions....A)-Am I doing this completely wrong....??! -Or will it take loads of time & will work-leave overnight?? Thanks again! Chris
  3. Figured that might be the case.....Must try & get a new remote-think the key may be there!
  4. Hi-this may be a dumb question but can you change widescreen films to full screen in a dvd copy??? My TV remote has been lost AGES ago & I can't get any other remote to work with it. Is it simple to do (as I'm a newbie) or only for the 'technoheads' (???!). Thanks! Chris
  5. Hi all, took off realplayer, did the 'admin template' thing, still no 'box' appearing! As all else works fine will just leave it but I HATE mysterys! Not technical enough to move cables, etc but again THANKS ALL for the help! Chris
  6. Thanks guys (got your other reply cornholio)-re: real player I'm sure there was some sort of 'update' or 'additional files needed' & I seem to remember either downloading them automatically OR started to download them & then stopped as i thought I did not really need it (scatty I know!)?? Tried the 'properties' thing & a system restore but still no joy. The drive recognises all media (tried with a CD audio, a copied DVD & a blank DVD & all the programmes recognised the disks were there!). The other reason I'm flapping a bit is that if you remember the same drive bought a week ago had to go back as it stopped recognising ANY media.....so the windows 'box' is a comfort thing really! Just occaisinally, though, I'll put a CD/DVD in & the relavent programme (ie IMAGEBURN, SHRINK, CDXPPO) still says no disk in the drive??! If after one more try it does not work a re-boot fixes it. Only very very occaisional but why should this happen-just curious??
  7. Hello! When I put ANY media in my Pioneer DVR-110 I used to get the windows 'box' saying 'do you want to play this cd/burn, etc...' this now does not appear at all. So say, for example I put a CD in that I'd just copied & wanted to play it to check it (or any media for that matter!) I don't get the 'box' appearing to allow me to do this. However-if i go in to 'my computer' & click on 'dvd drive d' it SHOWS the tracks are there!! Same with my many DVD programmes such as DVD Shrink, imageburn, cdxp, etc...so i can copy, etc but find this a bit strange! Now I don't as a rule use the computer to play movies/cd's (just burn them!) but wondered if you knowledgable folks new of a solution or a setting i could change??! It produced the 'window' up until yesterday & nothings changed on the system since then. Should I try 'system restore' & go back to yesterday?? I'm on XP by the way....any answers in baby language as I'm a newbie! Thanks! Kind regards, Chris
  8. Yup-sussed my mistake-tahnks all for your help-now working fine! Chris
  9. Your are completely correct-no have correct version & all works fine-thanks for your help! Chris
  10. Hi all, Anyone know of any alternative freeware downloads that do the same job as IMAGETOOL but allow you to use IMAGEBURN (also see my post further down). Thanks in advance-driving me nuts! Chris
  11. Hi all, Thanks for all the help so far! Can you tell me if it's possible to burn downloaded MPEG movies (up to 699kb) & compress them to DVD with imageburn? If not-can any of the experts on here reccomend a good freeware programme to do this? Sorry if this seems a thick question but I'm still learning(!) Chris
  12. Ok! Thanks....will resign myself to either copying my copies (if mates want a dvd!) OR (& more likely!) getting an external h/drive. Thanks for taking the time to help me! Chris
  13. Thanks LIGHTNING UK! Took it back & they've put a new one in-Pioneer think drive knackered &/or CD laser does not align?? All ok now though....
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