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  1. Great and excellent results. Using Pgcedit, imgtool AND IB....thanks all
  2. Have a look at www.mediaprostore.com Should be cheaper...
  3. Just what I hope to hear. I have the same printer! So Which are the margins You use and do you use photo or best photo?
  4. It was not referred to DL or SL. I know that using adesive labels on DVD can generate problems. So I was wondering if printing on DVD could be not adviceble.
  5. Have someone tried to print cover onto Verbatim DVD+R DL printable? Any problems?
  6. Thanks all. I'll try and let you know...
  7. Yes of course I mean made, not set. So I can find the difference between OTP or PTP only if reading an original media, but it doesn't make difference burning media using ISO files
  8. So let me know if I have understood. All writeble DVD+DL media are set in OTP mode. The only important thing to have good results is to set L0>L1 (or even equal) with PGCedit. It doesn't matter if; reading an ISO file, the track path is PTP or OTP. Is that correct?
  9. So, as I can understand, it all depends on PGCedit. It must be a function on it that next make build an image which tells IB to burn OTP. Sorry if I'm boring but I think that this problem is important to have excellent backups....
  10. Anyway I think that could be a good idea to have in IB the choice to burn the image in OTP or PTP taking the Layer break point managed with PGCedit as point of reverse burn on the media.
  11. So do I. But, in my opinion, the time to jump from last cell of layer 0 and first of layer 1 is different if the cells are near or far between them. so, in PTP mode, U can appriciate the jump and the movie stops for a few seconds. If for any reasons I can't have original OTP, but only PTP how can I solve the problem by using PGCedit? Hope I explain my point of view
  12. Guess U are right. But if so on PTP there must be a jump between Layer 0 and 1. It does no happen with OTP. HOW can I set PGCedit to have no jump?
  13. Which is the difference between OTP and PTP? PTP image will have problems in stand alone media?
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