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  1. Love ImgBurn, I had no problems. I just opt-out of everything I wasn't interested in. I didn't install first few days of new release so my experience maybe different. I believe the AskInstallChecker 1.4.0 did "phone home"

    No ad menus when in "tools menu" (did download from ImgBurn mirror)


    With all the "real" changes it's a great update.


    Now I can reduce my other building/reading/writing applications to nearly none. ImgBurn is doing most duties, rightfully so.


    I would rather have a bit of boxes to check and not to check than not to have future updates.


    I have been out of work and unable to donate for about a 18 months or so.


    Happy ImgBurn 2.5.1 user


    Thank You!

  2. Thank You, Your program is one of my very favorites. Now with this new version , It's like all my good dreams have come true. This is a day of joy!



    I donated on April 15, 2007 and just made a new donation a few minutes ago. Thank You Again.



    (I can now also stop using some of those bloat / poorly written application that I was forced to use for other things now that ImgBurn does them)

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