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  1. The only proper application for "burning" Nice!
  2. Bravo, another sweet release. Love the change log.
  3. Love ImgBurn, I had no problems. I just opt-out of everything I wasn't interested in. I didn't install first few days of new release so my experience maybe different. I believe the AskInstallChecker 1.4.0 did "phone home" No ad menus when in "tools menu" (did download from ImgBurn mirror) With all the "real" changes it's a great update. Now I can reduce my other building/reading/writing applications to nearly none. ImgBurn is doing most duties, rightfully so. I would rather have a bit of boxes to check and not to check than not to have future updates. I have been out of work and unable to donate for about a 18 months or so. Happy ImgBurn 2.5.1 user Thank You!
  4. Thank You , Another Great Release. ImgBurn just keeps getting better and better.
  5. Thanks for the massive update. You make us realize what proper applications should be. Simply The Best ! ...With not even a close second.
  6. Thank You Any ImgBurn is a good ImgBurn. Glad to see we didn't have to wait a long time for a new version. Even they all seem to be perfect to me. They just get better.
  7. Thank You, Your program is one of my very favorites. Now with this new version , It's like all my good dreams have come true. This is a day of joy! I donated on April 15, 2007 and just made a new donation a few minutes ago. Thank You Again. (I can now also stop using some of those bloat / poorly written application that I was forced to use for other things now that ImgBurn does them)
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