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  1. I know this won't fall under any specific category, but not sure where else to go. Ok about a month ago I downloaded the update for windows xp and my dvd drives disappeared. I went through the process of deleting the upper and lower filters and it would fix it until I rebooted and I'd have the same problem all over again. After being extremely frustrated I just completely reloaded Windows. My drives were detecting again and working just fine. Well about two weeks ago I get a windows update and bam again my drives aren't. This time though my drives are detected only they won't detect a cd/dvd in them. When I go to delete the upper and lower filters they aren't even there. I updated the firmware on my drive and that didn't do any good either. I'm at a complete loss here. The problem isn't the drives they are working just fine. I don't want to reload windows again, is there something I can do or a fix I should know about??? Currently I'm running sp2, with a amd athlon 1.8 with 1 gig of ram, on a dragon v2.0 motherboard. The dvd rewriters I have are an IDE Lite On 20x dvd/r that is only chained by itself. I also have an LG 18x that is sata. Any help would be greatly appreciated even if it's to send me to another board that might have the answer.
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