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  1. Hello Everyone, I've been using ImgBurn since the time that it came out and DVDDecrypter before that. I have also been lurking on the forums for about a year looking and hoping to see the added feature of burning Audio CUE Sheets. As this functionality has now arrived I am very thankful that such a great peice of software is available, I don't trust anything else to be honest. However, with the ability to create CUE Sheets and to burn Audio CD's from CUE Sheets, there is still something which I believe to be missing. It's a feature that I can not find in any burning software out there and I think it would make ImgBurn that much better for some of us. All of my Audio CD's are stored as a large WAV file with the track information stored in the CUE file. What I would like the ability to do is to be able to take "tracks" from various CUE Sheets and put them together in a compilation. The only way I can currently do this is to re-rip certain tracks from certain CD's that I have, which can be very time consuming for the purpose of accomplishing this simple idea. Perhaps I am missing something, is this currently possible? If so then I need to be directed. If not, then what are the odds that we may see this functionality built into a future release? Thanks!
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