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  1. Now I am talking about copy Divx DVD only. After browsing all the Divx files and add them in the Build mode, I should select the
  2. Hi, I could not see the topic of Divx in the Guilds Forum at http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showforum=4 and http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=1779. My Divx movie has 10 Divx files. How shall I burn them into a DVD R disc by the Build Mode?
  3. Can ImgBurn copy Divx or convert it into a regular DVD? If so, how to do it?
  4. If I burn only 500 photos to one CD, then it will waste the capacity of the CD. A single CD size is usually 700MB that may carry more than 500 photos. Can the ImgBurn displays the size before burning?
  5. I have about 1000 digital camera photos and would like to burn them to CDs for a store print service. I will use a card reader to import the photos and then view and select the photos to burn. However, one single CD cannot carry all photos. Can the ImgBurn automatically prompt the user to insert the second CD when the first CD is full? If no, how to burn 1000 photos to two CDs? Thank you for your answer.
  6. Can ImgBurn burn photos to CD for a store print service?
  7. Hi, there is an I/O Error Message during writing the ISO File to the DVD-R. Do you know what the problem looks like? I/O Error ScsiStatus: 0x02 Interpretation: Check Condition. COB: 2A 00 00 OC 02 00 00 00 20 00 Interpretation: Write(10)-Sectors: 786944-786975 Sense Area: 70 00 05 00 00 00 00 OE 00 00 00 00 21 02 00 00 00 00 Interpretation: Invalid Address For Write
  8. When trying to burn a DVD disc, I first selected Read Mode. Why is the Build button not enabled? It displayed “Device Not Ready (Medium Not Present)”. Actually I have already inserted the new DVD movie disc into the DVD drive.
  9. Subject: Can ImgBurn do disc to disc copy? Thank you for your answer. Can you answer another question? I do not post it separately but for consistency. I have known how to burn the VIDEO-TS folder from the hard drive to a DVD-/+R(W). But I cannot burn the DVD from disc to disc directly because the build button is not enabled. The ImgBurn can only copy DVD from the hard drive to the disc. Is it correct?
  10. I first backed up DVD by reducing its size with the DVD Shrink3.2 and then use the ImgBurn to burn the reduced size of VIDEO_TS into a DVD RW. There are two programs used throughout of the copy process. Since you said, “The picture quality (or sound) has nothing to do with the burning program used.” Does the backup program likely have an effect on the picture quality or the picture is still determined by the source disc or burner?
  11. I have known the problem. It is due to the disc dirty though the Nero still could format it. After clearing it, the erasing completed and I have successfully burned the reduced size of the VIDEO_TS (by DVD Shrink3.2) to the DVD RW. I will further compare its picture quality with the other burning software. My last question is reading to the Mode. There are five Mode options, Read, Build, Write, Verify and Discovery. When burning, the common sense is to select Write. But burning VIDEO_TS actually needs to select “Build.” It has a little confusing. Can anyone explain what those five Mode options for? How to correctly select the Mode option when using the ImgBurn? In addition, I think the erasing and formatting should automatically start instead of the user has to click on that Erasing Button.
  12. I did it again. The erasing failed at about 62%. Please review the ImgBurn Logs. Again, by testing, the Nero can erase and format the same DVD RW without problems. ImgBurn.log
  13. What blutach meant is that you don't need DVD Shrink to backup a dual-layer DVD to a dual-layer 8.5GB blank. Now, if you want to backup your dual-layer DVD to a single-layer 4.7GB blank then yes, you do need to use DVD Shrink As for the DVD+RW problem, try this: open ImgBurn, switch to Write mode, insert your DVD+RW, click the Erase Disc button (looks like a disc with a red eraser on it) and then click Full. It'll take a while, but doing this will fully format your DVD+RW. By the way, you don't need to erase your DVD+RW before rewriting on it again: just answer yes when ImgBurn asks if you want to overwrite it. That way you won't need to format it again Having followed your instructions, I heard “Oh, no.” Then the formatting failed at 62%. It still displayed “Ready (Disc Needs Formatting).” The ImgBurn seems having problems to write a DVD RW. FYI, by testing, there is no problem to format and overwrite the same DVD RW with the Nero.
  14. But, the ImgBurn cannot burn a dual layer DVD because the size of the movie is larger than the 4.7GB DVD. Without DVD Shrink3.2, how shall the ImgBurn burn the dual layer DVD to a regular DVD? In addition, I followed the instructions to select the Build Mode, Device as the output and locate the VIDEO_TS folder in the hard drive. I inserted a DVD RW. Then clicked on the Build button. After erasing completed, why does the ImgBurn not automatically write the movie to the DVD RW but displays “Ready (Disc Needs Formatting)” again? In fact, I have already formatted the DVD RW. Does anyone know what’s the problem there?
  15. Having backed up a dual layer DVD with the DVD Shrink3.2 to the hard drive as the Video_TS folder, which mode should be selected to burn the Video_TS folder to the regular DVD disc, Read, Build, Write or what else? Thanks.
  16. A DVD movie has been ripped into a HDD as Video_ts/Audio_ts folders. But it is larger than the 4.7GB regular DVD disc. Can the ImgBurn back up and fit a dual layer market DVD folder or disc into a regular 4.7GB DVD or the ImgBurn can only do 1:1 copy?
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