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  1. Just to refresh the suggestion... LIGHTNING UK! Do we have a chance to see this feature in the next ImgBurn releases? (Given you've asked for details...)
  2. I want to up the suggestion about offsets once again. I think, it is the only missing thing in order to use ImgBurn as a bit-perfect CD copier. While CD ripping is quite a commonplace software now, but very few of them has support for read offset correction, and only EAC has working support for write offset correction (btw, the built-in EAC writer is far from perfection, comparing to ImgBurn). It would be nice if ImgBurn became the second program with write offset support. ImgBurn has excellent ability to read .cue sheets + lossless images (presumably ripped with read offset correction), and it's a pity not to have the ability to use the write offset correction when burning Audio CDs. ps. Since it's my first post, I'd like to say "thank you very much" to the author for such a solid piece of software.
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