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  1. Hello to all, What about if ImgBurn can burn on-the-fly gzip,bzip2 or lzop compressed ISO images... That's easier than rar or other archiver... because it just is the image compressed stream... i think just it's add a decompress step before the user buffer.... (read data -> decompressor -> user buffer -> burner buffer -> burn data ) I think this feature could be very usefull with wii scrubbed backup images... or similar DVD images with lots free zeroed bytes in it.... Actually I'm usign a win32 cdrecord port piped with bzip2 --- to burn muy bziped wii image files... something like... bzip2 -bc my_bziped_dvd.iso.bz2 | cdrecord -v speed=4 -dev=1,0,0 - Regards...
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