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  1. I did what you suggested and changed settings to not look for updates. I don't see my replies, so if several of them show up later, forgive me, I'm still a newbie. Thanks, jimmied01
  2. I think I have the problem licked. I changed the Imgburn file in DVD Flick folder in program files to the newest version. I also unchecked the option to check for updates, changed to never. I'll try it out tonight. Thanks for the help, JimmieD01
  3. Still bundled When the next version of ImgBurn is released, the problem is there again I sorted the problem out. I went to program files- DVD Flick and replaced Imgburn folder with the newest version and opened Imgburn and checked settings so that it won't look for updates. Thanks for the help.
  4. I downloaded DVD Flick, which is a great DVD burning program, and it's free. The problem I have is when it's time to burn a file, when imageburn opens, it always asks me if I want to update from to version I agreed to download the newer version and did so, but when burning time comes, it opens to the older version and again asks if I"ll update. The version I have when I open and select about is, but it insists on burning with the old version. Any suggestions? It's as if the update didn't take. There is nothing about this in either guide to products. I can't complete any burns without a holdup.
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