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  1. I have used queue to burn a few images. The image does not delete after a successful write even I have already select "check delete image box" in the tools-settings. Thanks. LambChop
  2. UKL! Thank you again for your effort in helping us out. I reckon it is the best iso burning program available. I appreciate much of your effort. Lamb Chop
  3. LUK, is it possible that IB and DVDD have the similar dll files for burning so that we can just "accidentially" messed up our systems and replaced the old DVDD dll ones with the new IB burning dll ?
  4. Is it possible to incorporate Imgburn(IB) into DVD decryptor burning engine? I know the intention of IB is that you let the users to use DVDD to read DVD into ISO and then use IB to burn the ISO file. But these days double layer DVDs are still expensive. I use DVD shrink to compress the DVDD ISO files and then use DVDD to burn. It will be wonderful if I can have a function in DVD shrink to choose IB to burn. Maybe a better question is : What is the different between DVDD and IB for burning single layer DVDs? Is the engine better and more stable? Thanks. Lamb Chop Hey, LUK I am very happy to see you back.
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