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  1. If I ask the Foobar guy he'll say: You could just as easily ask the ImgBurn guy to modify his code... etc It was just a question. It can easily be modified manually with the text editor. It's not a big deal. Thanks anyway.
  2. Hi there! I'm having a compatibility problem between Foobar and ImgBurn when I create a cue file. Just an example: If I have an ape file, when I create the cue file, ImgBurn writes the FILE line automatically like this: FILE "01. Song1.ape" APE Foobar does not play the cue file if is not written like this: FILE "01. Song1.ape" WAVE Is it too much asking to have the cue file automatically written as the second example shows? Thanks!
  3. Here! One more for Offset correction! I take the opportunity to say: Thank you LIGHTNING UK for your work! Greetings.
  4. Sorry, I'm a little bit slow with updates... I don't have to tell you that the is working perfect as well, right?
  5. So... the new ImgBurn + DSP-Worx filter work perfect on Vista x64!! Thank you very much LIGHTNING UK! It was worth it to wait!
  6. Don't worry LIGHTNING UK! Thanks anyway for your comments.
  7. I wanted to burn a CueSheet file (ape/cue) with Imgburn and the RadLight APE filter installed... no luck. First I get an error saying that Imgburn can not read the file because is in use by some other application... this is not true. No program is reading the files. Then, after canceling the process, I get another error message: "GetAudioInformation_DirectShow Failed!" - "Reason: Unable to open file" Actually the WMP can play the ape files with the RadLight APE filter installed. Some ideas? Greetings!
  8. Yes... actually I didn't want to use the RadLight APE filter... but it works under Vista x64!! For the FLAC filter, I've tried almost all of them and no luck. MadFLAC doesn't work either. Will see... Pity, I liked the DSP-Worx one...
  9. Hi there! I would like to know if I can find an good APE & FLAC (if more formats better) DirectShow filter/s working properly under Vista x64. My purpose is to burn Cue/Sheets files with Imgburn. I've used before DSP-worx in my XP computer... I've installed it in Vista x64 too, but I couldn't run the "register.bat" afterwards. Some ideas? Thanks in advance!
  10. I can answer myself now... Nero does the job on the fly too, using it's own libraries. I've just made a few tests monitoring Nero during the burn process and no trace of any temporary file.
  11. Hi! LIGHTNING UK! I have a question for you. I know that ImgBurn uses the DirectShow (Filters installed) to burn ape, flac and other audio compressed files. Having cue+ape files, I can load the cue into Nero too (no need to convert the ape in wave). Question: Does Nero uses the DirectShow too or it just creates a temp wave file? Greetings!
  12. Problem solved! Something messed up in the DirectShow filters. Solution: Run "Codec Tweak Tool" for broken filters fix. http://www.codecguide.com/download_other.htm Thanks LIGHTNING UK!
  13. Thanks LIGHTNING UK! for your test version. Loading the normal cue+wav into ImgBurn (cue as the first post shows) I get this error:
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