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  1. Any specific numbers as to how much memory ImgBurn takes?

    I just checked how much memory it takes on my machine while burning and it takes ~70MB Mem Usage and ~80MB VM Size (in Task Manager). I don't consider that to be a lot and I can most definitely do almost anything else while burning, so I guess the problem is not actually in ImgBurn.

  2. If I may... an alternative to the Fraunhofer DirectShow filter (l3codecx.ax) and the ffdshow one is mpg123 and MAD DirectShow Filter. It's a japanese website but it's fairly easy to figure where to download from. :) The decoder also has some nice features like ReplayGain, Pre-Gain and more. This is the decoder I'm currently using.

    As far as ffdshow is concerned, I wouldn't touch it with a 10 feet pole. I find it too buggy and unstable. I also don't think it's lighter than other decoders. It might be lighter at decoding mp3 but I still prefer the original DivX and XviD decoders to ffdshow's any day.

  3. Additional work for rather no practical value. Isn't worth the use in my opinion. The time would be better invested in other, practical and functional areas - adding options, testing, etc.

  4. ImgBurn already can write audio CDs from FLAC files (and practically any audio file for that matter). The trick is that you need DirectShow or ACM codec installed so ImgBurn can decompress the file to WAV. If you have a big codec pack like K-Lite Full or something like that, you should already have such a codec. Still, you could install CoreFLAC and see if that helps.

  5. Feurio! doesn't use themes at all as far as I can see, so it has to have its own theme (if I understand it correctly). In anyway it's as ugly as hell (apart from being non-intuitive and not very convenient). Still, I fail to see the attraction of such gaudiness. All other burning applications use themes progress bars and nobody complains. And I see no reason to complain either - interface is fine the way it is. In fact I think it'd be more confusing with more colors. :)

  6. While cosmetic changes aren't bad, I find this change rather unnecessary. LUK said it would break the themes support. Therefore I presume it would take more time and code to implement something independent (instead of using something that's already there). This time and code would be more useful in improving functionality and performance rather than appearance.

  7. Just a small question. I was trying to burn an MDF/MDS image file with ImgBurn, but I got the error message that the format was unsupported and that only single track images are supported. After converting the image file to BIN/CUE with UltraISO ImgBurn burned it successfully. Sort of... I got errors on verification but the disc runs fine.

    Question is how did converting the image help?

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