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  1. Evidently that IS how it works, once the Read position counter (in Nero) for one of the drives reaches 100% the drives internal buffer empties and Burnproof kicks in, clearly indicating that one of the drives have gotten more than 80 Megabytes ahead of the other. Also the "IO bytes read" column on the "Processes" tab of the TaskManager clearly indicates that Nero has only read the source once. The idea is fine, it's just that Nero is a piece of junk, and 80 Megabytes of buffer is insufficient for my 2 drives. Actually that's unlikely, The slowest drive would just get the files from the system cache, which unlike Nero doesn't have a 80 Megabyte limit.
  2. No, data should be read only once into the RAM buffer, and then passed from the buffer to 2 different recorders at the same time. This will work just fine if the recorders are closely matched in speed, or the buffer is large enough, a 1.5 Gigabyte buffer should be no problem on a 2 Gigabyte computer with just a few programs open.
  3. It would be nice if ImgBurn could write the same data to 2 discs in 2 drives at the same time. After all DVD-R's are quite cheap, and not exactly the most reliable storage medium around, so i always burn 2 copies (on 2 different makes of media) of anything remotely important. I currently use Nero, but my drives don't write at exactly the same speed, and Nero's absurd 80 Megabyte write buffer limit often proves too low, ImgBurn seems to have a 256 Megabyte limit? Which is an improvement even if it's still very much too low for a 2 Gigabyte computer.
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