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  1. So if burn a data DVD it will stay the same size but i will not be able to watch them on PS2?? and a DVD+R is able to be a data DVD??
  2. Well I started using Nero but it wasnt so good then I used ConvertXtoDvd and it works great, so I am currently using ConvertXtoDvd. As for the player I just use my Playstation 2. It would be great to watch the movies as well.
  3. Hi, I burn TV shows, they are mostly avi. files, that I have download from the internet on to DVD+R discs. They are usually 350mb each, I burn 2 episodes on one disc, because someone told me try not to go over 700mb or so. Let me add that the main reason why I burn shows onto DVDs is because I delete them afterwards so that I can free up space on my PC. My question is why when I burn a movie file(s) it is no more than 700mb, but when I rip them back to my PC it is 3gbs more or less. Why does it so large? Is there a way to burn these movies onto a DVD so that you can still watch them and rip them back to your PC keeping to same qualtiy and same size as you had before you burned it???? Thanks In Advance.
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