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  1. Tues. 08/08/26 09:13 EDT . post #13 Very interesting, and good answer. Okay then...I'll keep within the disc's rated capacity. Thanks.
  2. Mon. 08/08/25 20:40 EDT . post #12 Do you mean it's impossible, or fraught with pitfalls? Is there any discussion or exchange of experiences of overburning DVD DL? I'm getting the impression that, despite vigorous discussion over a range of topics, gold media has been largely ignored. Why?
  3. Mon. 08/08/25 18:16 EDT . post #11 I'm ready to try burning my first data DVD; I'll be using the made in Singapore Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x. I want to try overburning, but Imgburn won't let me perform a test write using this media. Does anyone have any idea of what the overburning limits of this media are?
  4. Mon. 08/08/25 18:09 EDT . post #10 Argh...posted in the wrong thread...sorry.
  5. Tues. 08/08/12 10:46 EDT . post #9 Ha...because I'm an idiot, according to one of my friends. He's sort of right...I guess I've used it for so long, I'm comfortable with it and don't really want to change...but I still might. I just want to see if I can actually burn a DVD using this old system. I don't really care about burning movies at this point, but if I want to try, FAT32's 4 GB file size limit will "force" me to move to something with NTFS. I'm putting it in the posts myself. I know the forum software generates a date/time stamp and I know some people think it's wacky and redundant, but...I like doing it. I've found a "workaround" to the KProbe problem: disabling the SCSI controller (in Device Manager, I have the option of checking 'Disable in this hardware profile'). This requires no reboot and temporarily disables both my SCSI CD drives, and then KProbe starts up. I still haven't figured out how to get Nero DiscSpeed to start up (although Nero CD-DVD Speed works); perhaps it won't work on Windows 98.
  6. Tues. 08/08/12 00:15 EDT . post #8 from the FAQ: My registry doesn't even have a key called "APIX". I booted into the other section and checked the registry: the APIX key and ExcludeMiniports string are present there, so I booted back into the problem section, created the key and string as described, then rebooted. Now, ImgBurn can see the DVD drive! Thanks very much mmalves and dontasciime. I'm having a few other problems (Nero DiscSpeed won't start, and KProbe hangs at the splash screen), but I moved forward today, so maybe I can eventually get to the point where I can burn a DVD. Thanks again for the help.
  7. Mon. 08/08/11 17:12 EDT . post #7 Adaptec's ASPIchk utility reports that "ASPI is properly installed and fully operational". I may try installing the latest version of ASPI nevertheless.
  8. Mon. 08/08/11 16:44 EDT . post #6 Thanks for the quick replies. If lack of ASPI is the problem now, it must have been caused by the botched NERO install. I'll check this out...as I said earlier, on the other Windows 98 partition, ImgBurn sees my (ATAPI) DVD drive just fine, in addition to the two SCSI drives, but not on the main partition.
  9. Mon. 08/08/11 15:48 EDT . post #5 I'm having problems getting started. Before I even knew about ImgBurn, I tried to install Nero 7 Essentials, the software that was included with my Lite-On LH-20A1H. The install was unsuccessful, failing to find certain files, and terminated. Then I went looking for something better, and found ImgBurn. ImgBurn doesn't acknowledge my Lite-On DVD drive; it can see my other two CD drives (both SCSI devices), but not the DVD drive (installed as Master on IDE channel 2). I suspect this is related to the Nero install (I've since uninstalled it, but the problem persists). I tried ImgBurn on a different Windows partition, and it acknowledges the DVD drive. Oh, this is Windows 98, by the way. When I try to upgrade the Lite-On bios, the flash utility tries to access the CD drive, then finally realizes it's the wrong device, and gives up. I can see the DVD drive in Explorer, and can even explore the contents of a DVD loaded into it, but for some reason, programs such as ImgBurn and the firmware flash utility cannot find the DVD drive.
  10. Wed. 08/08/06 10:28 EDT . post #4 Okay. A friend of mine recommends the Verbatim Ultralife Gold Archival Grade DVD-Rs for long-life storage without the layer-destroying oxidation that can creep in after 5 or more years. Kodak, Delkin and Mitsui, to name a few others, also make gold archival media. The gold archival media seems only to be available in single layer, currently. volvofl10, your sig advises "FOR Single layer DV5 use genuine Taiyo Yuden media everytime , ONLY TY's and not some other brand with TY dye/ink"; do you have any opinions about the gold archival media?
  11. Tues. 08/08/05 19:18 EDT . post #3 Whoops...how can I tell the difference, before I buy them?
  12. Tues. 08/08/05 16:25 EDT . post #2 Great. I guess the next step is to buy some recordable DVDs. You guys seem to think the Verbatim DVD +R DL 2.4x, with the MKM-001-00 dye, are the ones to get. Thanks for the quick response, Jim.
  13. Tues. 08/08/05 16:00 EDT I've never burned a DVD, but I've finally installed a burner and want to back up some data. My questions are: 1. Can both layers of a dual layer recordable DVD be used to write data to? 2. If the answer to question 1 is "Yes", can ImgBurn be used to create a dual layer data DVD?
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