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  1. There is/are. I dont know how to start the program and I see no guide on how to start the program therfore maybe you should make a guide about it Corrected
  2. Create CUE File.....Yup. Any 5 year old, 90 year old, or new user understands that that means to create a audio CD. Its very obvious. How could even I a tech user miss it? Also instresting that since it is so easy, that ImgBurn has to have a guide for it....Why isnt there a guide for opening the program/burning a ISO/burning data/etc? Also the face of someone that doesn't want their product to reach further and further in general user usage because that someone doesnt want to make a simple "Make Audio CD" option. Your lost not mine.
  3. My main question now is why do I have to look up a guide to burn a Audio CD in a cd burning program? I mean come on....Its one of the key/first features in a cd burning program. Um I opened CDBurnerXP, click on Audio Disc, and I can drag the tracks (up to 74/80 mins) I want to burn. 3 steps which are clearly written for burning a audio disc. I rather have 3 steps and no CD-TEXT vs. a cheap workaround guide with CD-TEXT. I love ImgBurn but not making a simple GUI for (audio CDs) is just lazy. Hell, Ill do the GUI and you just program the neccesary functions for each button/text box/etc to work correctly.
  4. I have a small thing: Why dont instead of adding the newest version to the current (last post) you just edit your first post and add the latest version also posting a changelog? This way we dont have to read the whole thread again....
  5. I read the guide and it is IMO a cheap workaround. A native CD audio burning option should be avaliable.
  6. I got this idea because someone in another forum was making a GUI to a CD burning API and I told him what a great software this is for it but he complained that after a few minutes it is impossible to find a option to burn a audio CD. I myself look and there is no option that says Burn Audio CD. As a matter of fact, I have CDBurnerXP installed just for that. Because ImgBurn does everything I want/need except burn audio CDs. I should (like he said) have to google to look for a way to burn a audio CD or like you said look at a guide for it.
  7. Hey Its kinda old since everyone now makes MP3 CDs but why doesnt ImgBurn have a Audio CD option to be able to fill up a 80 min CD-R with songs that in total are <=80 mins?
  8. I told it "No" and it changed mines anyhow. This is using the Write files/folders to disc option. Yup it changes it to DivX Video automatically, even if I say no.
  9. Then either: 1. You go write the routines that support it (for free); and/or 2. Use other software Winner - S.F.I.O.T.D. award. Quoting parts you only want huh.... Let me complete the quote: Just in case you missed it...
  10. Even if I say Yes or No, it will still make it a DivX Video disc. I want it to be a data disc. I had to burn it with CDBurnerXP.
  11. Well even though it is a Windows application, I dont see the problem in adding DMG support. Other software support it. Of course, if it is too much trouble then I agree seeing (as you said) it is a Windows application. And http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Book_(audio_CD_standard) (What you mean) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_Books (What I mean) Thanks for all the replies
  12. Hey Im having a annoying issue with ImgBurn (first ever). Im writing a data CD with a bunch of pictures and one AVI. Because of that ONE AVI, ImgBurn automatically changes the type of disc from data to DivX Video. I want it to be recored as simple date, not a video. How can I fix this?
  13. Sorta merged all my threads I see Being curious, why not? (to both Nos) The "What?": You problably know that every CD has their own standards type: I dont know them off my head but for example a CD-ROM could be black a CD-R could be yellow and a music CD could be red. Standards support would be to make a CD-R look like a black standard disc (CD-ROM) or a red standard disc (music CD) and etc.
  14. Hey Will it be possible in the future to be able to write a CD-R/CD-RW to standards (Rainbow books)?
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