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  1. Hello LUK! TY for reply. Normally I just double-click on ImgBurn. I tried disable AVG antivirus, but it didn't work. Problem is gone only when I right-click "Run as administrator". Maybe something gone wrong to my system during my Uninstall of previous antivirus. Anyway, I uninstalled ImgBurn from my computer, reboot, and reinstall, now the problem was gone. Thanks for the update of new version of ImgBurn, i'll check it out. Thank you very much! Enjoy the holidays!
  2. Hello all. Whenever I quit ImgBurn lately, i get this error message "unable to save settings to registry". I'm using ImgBurn ver System is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Recently the only thing I've changed in my system is the antivirus program, from AVAST Free Antivirus to AVG Antivirus. I'm the only user in this computer, it is already admin. Do I need to edit the Windows registry manually for ImgBurn? Please advice, thank you. BTW, Merry Christmas to all!
  3. WOW Thanks LUK! Actually I did guess it was "Auto Write Speed", but what I didn't know is that the speed settings can be manually saved. Cool! Originally I thought the speed thing was auto-detect and pre-configured already to the ImgBurn program. 8X seems to be a good speed for my media, today will be my first day to use the "little green man" hehe Thank you Thank you
  4. Hello. If I set the burning speed to 8x instead of "AWS", will this provide a better stable burn? Thank you
  5. Sharing an experience from this weekend ... I replaced an old drive over the weekend with an LG GH24NS70, used the same power cable, SATA cable and SATA port. But the drive is slow at the start of every burning process, kind of hang-up while buffering, and often shows this problem "Program Memory Area Update Failure". So I did a search from google and saw this error topic discussed as early as 2008 in the forum. Since I'm using the same regular CMC MAG-M01-00 media from my local shop, and my write speed set to "AWS", the drive was burning at 8X as compared to similar drives from another PC burning at 12X, so I thought maybe I recheck the wirings. Then I found out that the power cable was not connected properly, I also decided to replace the SATA cable and even changed to another SATA port. But could my problem be simply the loose power cable connection? Anyway at least the drive is burning between 8X and 12X, problem solved, and I haven't seen the "Program Memory Area Update Failure" issue in the last 24 hrs. Cheers guys!
  6. I took my defective PC to my local shop. They don't have the Intel board with B3 for replacement, and would really need to send defective board to distributor. To have my PC back same-day, I bought an new mainboard ASUS P8 P67 Pro (New P67 B3 Revision) Photo http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_1155/P8P67_PRO/ Good thing they don't need to re-install Win 7. They only installed the new system drivers. Many thanks to LUK! and ImgBurn. Cheers!
  7. My system was bought mid-Feb this year. I guess the local shop didn't know about the recall either. The technician told me today, it might take 3 days for distributor to get it replaced. I'll try to negotiate to get my mainboard replace same day. Otherwise I might buy a new mainboard, have them installed same day, and use the replacement mainboard to upgrade an older PC. Thank you LUK!
  8. *** UPDATE *** Hello all. Just would like to let everyone know that my problem is not with ImgBurn, but it's due to the Intel 6-Series Express Chipset problem. Intel Feb 7, 2011 announcement: "Intel Identifies Chipset Design Error, Implementing Solution" http://www.intel.com/consumer/products/processors/chipset.htm "... SATA ports 2–5 that may result in these SATA ports experiencing a functional issue over time. Systems with only integrated SATA ports 0 and 1 enabled are not susceptible to this issue." Q: How do I determine if my system is affected? A: Desktop systems using the Intel® H67 and P67 Express Chipsets and mobile systems using the Intel® HM67 and HM65 may be affected by this issue. Intel recommends that end users contact their place of purchase or system manufacturer for more information. Q: Which specific Intel®-branded desktop motherboards are affected? A: Intel®-branded desktop boards that are potentially affected include: DP67BG, DH67CL, DH67GD, DH67BL, DH67CF, DP67BA, DP67DE, DQ67SW, DQ67OW, DQ67EP, DB65AL. Intel-branded desktop boards based on H61 SKU of Intel® 6 Series Express Chipsets have not gone into production with B2 stepping and are not affected by this issue. This includes DH61CR, DH61BE, DH61WW, DH61DL and DH61AG. The Intel-branded desktop board layout diagrams showing the SATA connectors are available at: http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-032282.htm I've contacted my place of purchase, and they will replace my motherboard this weekend. Hope this helps for those with Intel 6-Series Express Chipset.
  9. Thank you Rincewind, I'll look into this Win 7 SP1 also. Many thanks!
  10. Hi LUK! I've installed the Rapid Storage Tech driver. This also provides system status of both harddisks and ATAPI devices. Currently system is functioning properly. Originally I was thinking of reinstalling Win 7, good thing I came to this forum first. Thank you. About the media "CMC MAG-M01-00" dye being not decent, you were right. I've tried a different batch from the same brand and burning was without problems. I guess the dye has a stability issue. Thank you.
  11. Hi LUK I'm using an Intel DH67BL mainboard Mainboard Photo http://www.intel.com/Assets/Image/prodlarge/DH67BL_lg.jpg Mainboard Overview http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/motherboards/db-DH67BL/DH67BL-overview.htm The mainboard supports Intel Rapid Storage Technology for RAID 0,1,5 and 10. But I don't use RAID, should I still install the drivers to the system? It uses the Intel H67 Express Chipset. The harddisks are connected to the 2 blue SATA controller of the mainboard. The 2 LG drives are connected to the 2 black SATA controller of the mainboard. There is one red SATA controller with no device connected. I've been using HP DVD+R due to its lower costs. OK I'll try to burn at 8X. Thank you.
  12. Hello all. I've been using ImgBurn awhile now, and currently using the latest version Yesterday was still okay, but today I'm having problem burning. I'm using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, LG GH22NS50 drive and HP DVD+R media. Is my LG drive bad and needs replacing? Thanks in advance for advice and help. Time Remaining: Unknown <---------- (Unknown while burning) I 13:31:10 ImgBurn Version started! I 13:31:10 Microsoft Windows 7 Professional x64 Edition (6.1, Build 7600) I 13:31:10 Total Physical Memory: 8,368,072 KB - Available: 7,000,488 KB I 13:31:10 Initialising SPTI... I 13:31:10 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 13:31:10 -> Drive 1 - Info: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS50 TN03 (I:) (ATAPI) E 13:31:10 Failed to check for ImgBurn update! I 13:31:10 -> Drive 2 - Info: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NS50 XP02 (J:) (ATAPI) I 13:31:10 Found 2 DVD±RW/RAMs! I 13:38:32 Operation Started! I 13:38:32 Source File: E:\ISO\SAMPLE.ISO I 13:38:32 Source File Sectors: 1,831,232 (MODE1/2048) I 13:38:32 Source File Size: 3,750,363,136 bytes I 13:38:32 Source File Volume Identifier: SAMPLE I 13:38:32 Source File Volume Set Identifier: 3EC63653001BF128 I 13:38:32 Source File Application Identifier: IMGBURN V2.5.5.0 - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE BURNER! I 13:38:32 Source File Implementation Identifier: ImgBurn I 13:38:32 Source File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02) I 13:38:32 Destination Device: [0:2:0] HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS50 TN03 (I:) (ATAPI) I 13:38:32 Destination Media Type: DVD+R (Disc ID: CMC MAG-M01-00) (Speeds: 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x) I 13:38:32 Destination Media Sectors: 2,295,104 I 13:38:32 Write Mode: DVD I 13:38:32 Write Type: DAO I 13:38:32 Write Speed: MAX I 13:38:32 DVD+R Reserve Track: No I 13:38:32 Link Size: Auto I 13:38:32 Lock Volume: Yes I 13:38:32 Test Mode: No I 13:38:32 OPC: No I 13:38:32 BURN-Proof: Enabled I 13:38:32 Write Speed Successfully Set! - Effective: 22,160 KB/s (16x) I 13:38:32 Book Type Setting: DVD-ROM I 13:38:33 Filling Buffer... (40 MB) I 13:38:33 Writing LeadIn... I 13:38:55 Writing Session 1 of 1... (1 Track, LBA: 0 - 1831231) I 13:38:55 Writing Track 1 of 1... (MODE1/2048, LBA: 0 - 1831231) W 13:44:34 Failed to Write Sectors 391840 - 391871 - Reason: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. W 13:44:34 Retrying (1 of 20)... I 13:44:34 Writing Sectors... W 13:50:34 Failed to Write Sectors 1468192 - 1468223 - Reason: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. W 13:50:34 Retrying (1 of 20)... I 13:50:34 Writing Sectors... I 13:51:15 Synchronising Cache... I 13:51:16 Closing Track... I 13:51:23 Finalising Disc... I 13:51:54 Exporting Graph Data... I 13:51:54 Graph Data File: C:\Users\admin01\AppData\Roaming\ImgBurn\Graph Data Files\HL-DT-ST_DVDRAM_GH22NS50_TN03_MONDAY-JUNE-06-2011_1-38_PM_CMC_MAG-M01-00_MAX.ibg I 13:51:54 Export Successfully Completed! I 13:51:54 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:13:21 I 13:51:54 Average Write Rate: 4,955 KB/s (3.6x) - Maximum Write Rate: 20,874 KB/s (15.1x)
  13. Yes, even if I restart Windows, there is possibility that problem will repeat itself, being unable to browse for a source file in the Write mode. The program would hang even if I choose from the top menu. What I did, in order to avoid the program not responding, I have to go first into Read mode, click once the browse icon, then switch back to Write mode, before I can properly browse for a file without the program hang up. I have two PCs both using Windows 7 64-bit Pro, the older PC using Windows 7 from last year does not have this issue, but only the recently bought PC has the problem.
  14. I tried again earlier, changing the 2nd instance of imgburn to read mode, browse for a file, then back to "Write Image file to disc" It works okay now! I think it's just a Windows bug. Case solved.
  15. I'm trying to open 2 instances of the program Imgburn. After selecting "Write Image file to disc", then choosing the "Browse for a Source File" using the icon or from the menu, the 2nd instance of the program would just hang up, program not responding. Is this an issue with Windows 7 64-bit Professional? But I tried reinstalling Windows 7 already and still having same problem. Please advice what else can I do. Thank you.
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