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  1. Thanks mmalves.... We asked what their requirements are and thats what they replied with. We'll definitely push for the ISO support as that usually is industry standard nowadays. They'd be loosing big business if they don't and we might have to look for yet another vendor to replicate our master DVDs
  2. Yeah, sorry about that. There is no way to test now since we changed vendor to do the mastering for us
  3. bumping regarding my initial question on the beginning of the thread... I guess this is no longer valid as we changed our vendor recently. We'll start using imgburn again creating our iso files which leads me to another thread I just posted regarding DDP support... Thanks!!!
  4. BUMP... Also looking for a word on this one.. Thanks!
  5. Hey Lightning! Just wondering if you will create a new version of image burn supporting DPP file format. We have a new vendor mass producing our dvd. We are hoping to send them our masters electronically by uploading it on their FTP server instead of sending them a physical master dvd every time. We asked what their requirements would be and our contact says DPP format. Below is a portion of the conversation of our vendor's reply. ================================================================================ They require the image to be a DDP file.
  6. Oh... what I was trying to say is as far as disc verifications and having the file readable. I know there are quite a few differences when checking the properties with IsoBuster. I'm curious to know if our vendor is still not able to duplicate it on their site using whatever software they use to mass produce our DVDs or will they have the same error. I will ask them for logs and screenshot if it fails.
  7. Thank you.. I'm testing it right now as we speak checking that it is identical to our Nero iso and will send our vendor a copy to see if they can duplicate it..... Will keep you posted.
  8. Bump... Hi Lightning. Just wanted your input if your latest release will fix our issue here regarding Nero working and ImgBurn not. Thanks for the update... Hope this is not an April fools joke ... ciao
  9. Its almost been a month since I last logged in so I thought I check in. You must be busy with the holidays and all. bump for the beta release.... Thanks!
  10. Thanks Lightning.... Sorry for all the reminders. Last time we exchanged post earlier back I thought it was just about ready. Thanks again for everything. Looking forward to test.
  11. The Bump Thread.... funny... hehehe.. Hi Lightning. Still awaiting for the beta. Thanks!
  12. Hi Lightning.... Hope you have not forgotten about me.... Looking forward to test the beta version and hopefully fix our issue. bump to the top!!!
  13. (email removed)... I'll try to PM you too... I know usually Admins gets tons of emails so u might miss it in the shuffle.
  14. Just checking to see an update. Please let me know which version to download ofter you release it. Thanks!
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