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  1. I have 7.69 gig of a iso image. I currently don't own any DVD+R DL discs. I was just wondering if anyone knows of a good program that splits DVD ISO images into 2 parts so I can fit the movie on 2 discs. Thanks.
  2. But will I have to put the new converted files on another dvd or will it format the current DVD automatically?
  3. So I had a few VHS cassettes converted to DVDs in India. But I seem to have a problem with them. They work on my computer but not on my DVD player. The reason being is the dvd contains .avi files and not the .vob dvd files that are needed. Is there a way I automatically convert it rather than wasting my own blank DVD's to redo them? These DVDs are DVD+R btw, not DVD-R. Thanks.
  4. Oh ok. I'll prefer MagicISO. But I'll check EAC if I have problems with it.
  5. Oh I guess I missed that. Thanks
  6. Wait is it necessary to change the settings? I didn't change anything and my movie burned with no problem on a Verbatim DVD+R DL disc. Did I just get lucky or are those setting changes not necessary?
  7. I burned an image from an old music CD. I now have bin and cue files. Can ImgBurn extract the files? I only see options to burn it back to a disc.
  8. Wow that's fail I didn't even notice that. Thanks a bunch!
  9. Does anyone know of any good programs that will allow you edit avi files by adding in chapters into them before conversion? Right now, my process is: avi to dvd files using DVDFlick dvd files (iso) to DVD using ImgBurn I want to edit my movies and add a few chapters to them .. anyone know how?
  10. Oh no this isn't for ripping movies or w/e. I have a few home videos on DVD. I used to have them all on VHS a while back but I got someone to put them all on DVD instead. I just want to make a few copies to send to family.
  11. What would be the best way to copy a DVD to another DVD? Is ripping image to PC, then burning image to DVD the best or is a DVD copy program better? If program is better, what program would you guys suggest?
  12. I'm building myself a new PC this winter, and I figured if my current DVD burner sucks I might as well buy a new one. I know that you guys are much more experienced with this kind of stuff than I am, so can you please tell me how my DVD burner is in comparison to the good stuff you get now-a-days. I have a _NEC DVD_RW ND-3530A. I have read many reviews, but I haven't seen any comparison charts. Thanks
  13. Oh ok thanks alot guys. You can delete this topic so we don't get into trouble
  14. I don't have Netflix yet, but I'm deciding on getting it. I'm not too sure if their DVD's are copy-protected though or not. Anyone here who has Netflix know? Also, if they are copy-protected, can ImgBurn still burn a DVD image from it? If this is something that is not allowed as a discussion topic, then I apologize for making it. You can delete it.
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