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  1. Usually do buy them but my cousin is a motorhead and not capable of going to the theater for that very reason (car accident) so he asked if I could get him the film and I tried. Frankly the quality was not that good, but I told him I would try. Thanks for the help. Thanks mmalves for the firmware update suggestion. Appreciate the help.
  2. Verbatim disk, +R, burn movie, put it into panasonic player (5 disc type with round tray) plugged into new Samsung TV using the Green, Blue, Red components. Disk starts to play on the player but get error on screen saying not Compatible Mode. You can hear the audio playing over speakers while movie is playing but error message. Burn at the 4x speed. Any suggestions appreciated. The burn is from a PAL movie so could be that is the issue but plays great on my Samsung player which is NTSC. The Panasonic is older model. The interface is STPI Microsoft. Here is the log: I 18:24:35 ImgBurn Version started! I 18:24:35 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 3) I 18:24:35 Total Physical Memory: 2,604,264 KB - Available: 1,972,900 KB I 18:24:35 Initialising SPTI... I 18:24:35 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 18:24:35 Found 2 DVD
  3. So far to date the Verbatim's have been fantastic in the +R version. Love that disk. I searched the site and this might be a simple question, but I can't seem to see where if I have a 7 Gig File and want to put it on to two 4.4 Gig Verbatim disks, where do I go to split the file? Appreciate any help with this setting. Thanks.
  4. Just read your detailed link of functions and it is fantastic. Thank you so much for going into all the processes and explaining them in such great detail. Will follow this guide whenever needed and everything should work great. Again, thank you very much for all your help. Also wanted to thank all who recommended the Verbatim disks and responded to my questions for help. I had been using the Verbatim -R's without issue except for the sony player and went to the Verbatim +R's and they work great on the Sony. Thanks to all who posted to my questions and need for help. Very much appreciated.
  5. All I can add to this is I went and got some Verbatim +R's having some problems with blank DVD's used as copies not playing in a Sony player and so far not one issue. They all play. Go get the Verbatim.
  6. The Sony DRU-820A seems to be a rebadged BenQ DW-1670. Might work to do the bitsetting/book type function in the Benq tab and add it as a cloned drive in the advanced function of the book type function in ImgBurn. Some players seems to like to have the +R media as DVD-ROM when played. Was out of town and just getting this. Will give it a try and see what happens. Thanks very much for the response and have a great New Year. ok, just went to img and not sure what your suggest to change. Can't seem to find the settings you want me to change. Can you explain a little more? Thanks.
  7. I might be able to help here. I also have the same issue and I looked at your file post and saw you are using a DVD-R. -R's will not play on the Sony 99.9 percent of the time. Yes the convert discs will play on occasion as mine do, but I think your problem is the media type and the player you are using. Try using a Verbatim +R and see what happens.
  8. Ok, thanks for all your help and responses from all. Will use Verbatim +R's and do the posts today. Thanks again. I am sure this has been answered but I am also going to shut down virus protection and disconnect from the internet when burning. Here is a copy of the log. I did not use Verbatim disks because did not have chance to purchase them. did you +R I did play the +R's on my samsung and worked great. I also when burning shut everything down on computer. I really think it could be the junk DVD+R's I am using although they work fine on Samsung. Appreciate anything you might see I am doing wrong. Thanks ImgBurn Version - Log ; Saturday, 27 December 2008, 21:33:36 ; \\****************************************// ; ; I 21:16:14 ImgBurn Version started! I 21:16:14 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2) I 21:16:14 Total Physical Memory: 2,882,776 KB - Available: 2,291,236 KB I 21:16:14 Initialising SPTI... I 21:16:14 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... E 21:16:14 Failed to check for ImgBurn update! I 21:16:24 Found 2 DVD
  9. Ok, thanks for all your help and responses from all. Will use Verbatim +R's and do the posts today. Thanks again. I am sure this has been answered but I am also going to shut down virus protection and disconnect from the internet when burning.
  10. I found this post about your burner. Sorry. I had one replaced under warranty - coz they're crap ... The TSST range are infamous, nay notorious, within the laptop market as being badly designed optical units purchased mainly for cost-saving exercises to keep overall production costs down, thereby maximizing profit. My Acer has a TSST L-532A DVD-Dual (+/-RW) drive, and it just died after about 5 months. Acer replaced it under warranty. Unfortunately the replacement died 8 months later - out of warranty! They are generally well-known as being too small to effectively dissipate the heat that they generate.
  11. Here are two burns. The first one worked on the Sony and thought this is it, I needed to use DVD+R disks but the second did not play as far as playing on the Sony. Both played on the samsung. I burned both at 4x instead of the normal 8x I use. They are actually Office Depot DVD+R disks but you can see Ritek is the manufacturer. ; //****************************************\\ ; ImgBurn Version - Log ; Wednesday, 24 December 2008, 18:10:04 ; \\****************************************// ; ; I 17:54:15 ImgBurn Version started! I 17:54:15 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2) I 17:54:15 Total Physical Memory: 2,882,776 KB - Available: 2,351,464 KB I 17:54:15 Initialising SPTI... I 17:54:15 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 17:54:15 Found 2 DVD
  12. Thanks for the response. Using Verbatim DVD-R so I am guessing going to a +R with Verbatim or trying something different. I do know the Sony players are very touchy. Thanks again and will give it a try and post what my results were.
  13. Whatever I burn with IMG Burn, plays great on my Samsung DVD Player. When I try to play the same disk it will not play in my Sony DVD player. Get disk error message or just cannot play. Using Verbatim DVD-R on all burns. The Sony Model DVD Player with HDMI and has DVP on it with Model #NSS77H The Samsung Model DVD player is DVDHD-845 Here is some info I show with IMG Burn Pre-recorded Information: Manufacturer ID: MCC 03RG20 Recording Management Area Information: SONY DVD RW DRU-820A Physical Format Information (Last Recorded): Disc ID: 0@P-!-00 Book Type: DVD-R Part Version: 5 Disc Size: 120mm Maximum Read Rate: 10.08Mbps Number of Layers: 1 Track Path: Parallel Track Path (PTP) Linear Density: 0.267 um/bit Track Density: 0.74 um/track First Physical Sector of Data Area: 196,608 Last Physical Sector of Data Area: 0 Last Physical Sector in Layer 0: 0 On the options in settings for Write it is: Write mode Auto Write type DAO/SAO Link size Auto I have checks in front of: Auto Change Book Type DVD+R finalise Disk Enable Burn-Proof Lock Volume-Exclusive Access Cycle Tray Before Verify Verify against Image File And on the I/O tab Interface is SPTI Microsoft In general I have all the things checked in Display Warnings And I am running versions Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.
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