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  1. Correct but I never knew that it was an ISO, was seen earlier as 7zip format?
  2. I have the latest Image Burn installed, downloaded Ubuntu, download was seen as a 7zip file, extracted tried to create an ISO using Image Burn it failed, had to reinstall Nero, it showed that that 7zip download was actually a Nero ISO, after Nero install the type/format of Ubuntu download changed & it burnt the ISO in no time. Any clues..what did I do wrong? Thanks.
  3. Is it possible to improve the audio & video quality of a 4.7GB DVD movie using Image Burn? And convert it to dual layer 9.4 GB DVD?
  4. Nicholas 1

    Capture tool?

    I am using Any Video Converter Professional to capture & convert various file formats. It works good only to capture You Tubes. It cannot capture other URLs when copied & pasted. Though its conversion is versatile. Could you suggest a a better capturing software that can capture most if not all besides You tubes. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the detailed clarification. Lastly could you care to give me one good reason what edge does Image Burn have over Ashampoo version 9xx, a freeware too?
  6. What exactly do you mean by can't "Build" but can write multi session? I apologize about my ignorance. Thanks.
  7. Can Image Burn burn most files & do a make a multi session media? Is it comparable to the bloated Nero? Do I need Ashampoo Burning suite with it? What other utilities do you recommend along with it........like Flick to DVD etc?
  8. Screen shots....what do they mean? Setting > Instant email notification. Thanks. Nick. I apologize.......2nd shot first & than the first one.
  9. Btw ain't gettin any email notifications to replies......any thing wrong with the server?
  10. Thanks smart lady......I appreciate it. Regards, Nick.
  11. Thanks........ but what does the image indicate?
  12. http://www.firmwarehq.com/Matshita/UJ-870QJ/files.html
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