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  1. geezer, Hahaha, I knew I'd left something out. I should have said though I like 32k it doesn't work with it. LUK, Excellent!
  2. Hi LUK, Excellent software! I was really excited when I saw the Build Mode had been added. I've come across a problem but am unsure it's totally ImgBurn's problem. So I'll let you guys be the judges. I have no problems with mounted or burned images made with PGCEdit 7.3 (Using ImgBurn), DVD Shrink (For image making), or even UltraISO. The error I'm getting from AnyDVD is: "This Video-DVD is mastered incorrectly: AnyDVD will be deactivated for this DVD." XP Home SP2, AMD 2200+, & have reset a few times during a few tests but hasn't helped. If I disable AnyDVD, then of course no error report. However, CloneDVD2 (Only for ripping) will complain that it cannot read the VIDEO_TS.IFO. I've then tried to read the mounted image with DvdReMake Pro 3.5.3 & it says this in the log: Read DVD from: H:\ Read VMG The system cannot find the file specified. (171:dataAccess.cxx) Can't open VIDEO_TS.IFO. (963:VMG.cpp) can't load VMG. Read DVD from: H:\\VIDEO_TS Read VMG vmgi_last_sector * 2 <= vmg_last_sector (1014:VMG.cpp) can't load VMG. --- However, PowerDVD 6 seems to play the image just fine. So, perhaps it is a bug in the build mode? Thanks for reading. If you need more info say the word.
  3. I learned about using 2 different hard drives to really speed things up when I was using Amiga PCs for years. With Windows it's a requirement no matter what kind of hardware or version OS you use, hahaha! Even putting your swap (VMemory) on a different drive than C helps a lot as well as installing software to another drive all together. Just a few times to speed up winDOZE. ImgBurn rocks! Time to donate!
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