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  1. Is that your picture? I just had to make this final reply. I was waiting to hear your massive reply just so I could have a reason to finally leave this thread. The ironic part is, I will have left while you're still here being the twat. Every forum has a ringleader, I can see that you're it. Since most of what you said in your replies was predictable, I won't give you the time of day with a full fledged reply. However, in regard to your comment about "name calling"... you've got it all wrong. You see, I'm completely right. You and your fellows really are pests. No need to admit it since you know it's true, just try and make others feel like a lowlife: mission accomplished. Have fun being "arseholes" <-- -Neil P.S. I just noticed... Why does that picture say "neil_student..." in the title? Perhaps you felt the need to google "Sad neil" and post the first thing you found? Man, that's depressing. I can see you waste no time dicking around on the internet!
  2. You know what they say, most people don't read more than the first 4 posts. You're the exception, you skip them! Well I'm glad you have such a positive spin on all of this. I'm almost ready to bury this one, but I take it from your response that's probably what I should do. BTW, I'm not a fool. I figured Lightning UK's response was really his way of saying "No"... but I still felt inclined to rebound. -Neil
  3. I'm not sure .CSO and .CISO are the same thing. I could be wrong, but after doing a google search a few days ago, I pretty much just assumed .CSO was a file belonging to Sony, therefore it had to be a completely different format. My knowledge of such formats (Zip, Rar, 7z) are only recent. I have no experience with any of those formats during the Amiga days, even though I did use Amiga in the past.. I was too young to be a power user, I just used it for playing games. However, I'm not scared to admit that I shouldn't have even dabbled with this subject, my own ignorance makes me look foolish. Still, I feel compelled to defend against elitists who think they know EVERYTHING when I never intended for this thread to be received the way it was. Some of you guys have stark views on things, I'll leave at that. You have an interesting choice of words, but in the end I must point out that I came here with 1 thing in mind and that was promote an open source and free format. If I could e-mail the author directly with a simple introduction of CISO, I could have avoided all of this confrontation. I have nothing against it, I just prefer to avoid it. Maybe I could have found his e-mail somewhere, I didn't really check. I just assumed this was the more appropriate place to go anyway and I've learned something as a result. He doesn't even WANT to be bothered by people. It's in his sig. To be completely honest, I don't mind what others think, whether it's people that use ImgBurn or diehards that live at its forum. You people are pests. I am awaiting Lightning UK's verdict and I have a pretty good idea it will be a big flat out "no". To be more honest, I'd much rather prefer a short reason why he wouldn't support it, but I also have a good idea what that will be as well. I've already answered his question regarding random access, the least he could do is supply a courtesy-response. I'm not here to convince. Maybe that's what it has looked like so far, but I'll remind you that you got the wrong impression. People are always adding support for things that don't have high adoption rates. Take a look at Linux. If it's free and open source, eventually Linux will have it. I'm not saying that's a great thing, I'm just saying that's an interesting thing. In the end, I don't really care if he decides to support CISO. Seeing as this is a one man project (I'm assuming), I can't expect him to be enthusiastic about the idea of it anyway. That's all. -Neil P.S. Go ahead, rip me to shreds. It's what you're here for.
  4. That's because it ISN'T popular. It's completely new and I'm probably one in 10 people that have discovered it on the net by accident. As of right now, Pismo File Mount is the only one that I know of. Thing is, it's a compressed ISO... but there is some interoperability. You can expose the ISO inside by typing a line in the address bar of explorer. With the exposed iso, you can burn it to DVD and any program that can use ISO can use the exposed ISO. I found this out by contacting the author of Pismo because I was curious if there was a way to burn CISO files... Until more people start adding support for CISO, this will be the only way to do it. But compare to other formats like ISZ, DAA and UIF... they don't let you do that because they simply DON'T do things that way. Just one more reason why CISO is cooler. It's just a pain in the butt to do that and it doesn't always work. Example: I tried to mount an exposed ISO from a CISO file with daemon tools. Daemon gave me an error. Thing is, sure... nobody uses CISO right now... but that's no reason not to support it. Every program and format starts off that way... how do you think they gain large scale support later? They must be promoted first. -Neil
  5. I took the time to e-mail the author of Pismo and these are his words: There is your answer. Any chance you will review CISO for ImgBurn? -Neil
  6. You would know more about it than I would. I'm just a guy trying to promote a free and open source format. I have no idea how it works, only that it offers some benefits over regular ISO format. There is documentation available, it might answer your question... unless your question was really just an inverted answer for why you don't want to add support for it... -Neil
  7. Daemon Tools also comes bundled with an assortment of parasitic spyware. In that sense, it's not free, is it? Uh-huh. What I suggest you do is to send an email to the makers of WinZip and WinRar and ask why they felt the need to create their own compression algorithms rather than using the accepted and free formats available before their inception such as .lha which pre-dates both of them by years. Surely, these companies didn't create their own format just to force the user to go out and buy it? Shocking. The problem is, .UIF, .ISZ. and .DAA are all advancements that free and open source programs have yet to conceive. Now that CISO is finally available, there's no need to use those proprietary formats to accomplish the same thing. We can use free formats. Your logic is somewhat flawed in the sense that LHA came before ZIP and zip was somewhat of an advancement. Everybody moved to zip because it was somewhat better and of course, zip was promoted by WinZip, etc. CISO is an advancement compared to DAA, ISZ and UIF. It uses LZMA compression while the others do not. Since it's free and open source, there's like no reason why it shouldn't be implemented into free programs. -Neil
  8. Bummer. I wish people were more open to advances like this. CISO is free, open source and all free image programs should be complemented with it. They support ISO because it's free, why not CISO? The authors words are he doesn't want to support a compression format that nobody uses. Well if he did support it, we wouldn't see so many .daa, .uif and .isz files cropping up all over the internet forcing us to buy commercial programs just to do anything with them. I'm not trying to make personal jabs at anybody, but Daemon tools adds support for all kinds of formats... since CISO is free, I bet it's only a matter of time before they support it too. I just want some interoperability between programs and formats and kinks form when someone won't hop on the bandwagon. That's why programs like Virtualdub don't move forward, they stagnate. It may be free, but it serves such a specific task that eventually it becomes just another program in the abyss. I would hope not to see this happen to ImgBurn. -Neil
  9. Well, because that works but it would be nice if CISO was supported as an input or output format for ImgBurn. There's always the hard way, which is why we call upon an easier way. Can it be done? Thanks, -Neil
  10. Hi, I recently found a new program called Pismo File Mount and one of its key features is the .CISO format. It's basically a compressed ISO which uses LZMA compression. It lets you mount the CISO in its own program so that's good, but I need a program that will let me burn .CISO files easily. Since Pismo is free and open source, I figured IMGBurn would be the ideal candidate to make this feature suggestion. Can you add burning or creation support for CISO files? If you're not sure what a .CISO file is, you can find out more by visiting www.pismotechnic.com It will tell you everything you need to know about it. Thanks, -Neil
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