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  1. Well, something somewhere must be different, it works fine with DVD, but not with CD. Maybe it's something outside your code.... Shane.
  2. Either drive, any CDs I've tried up till now (Pressed CD, original, not a burned CD). Why? Shane.
  3. More detailed but complete bollocks. Personally I'd have preferred my first 'honest' answer. I have no idea why it's vanishing on your PC. Anything I tell you now is just me fumbling my way through basic troubleshooting which anyone with any IT knowledge would tell you to do. Nope, that's all there is to it. Keeping a close eye on the screen / status bar / log window, what's the last thing you see it do before it vanishes? Does it bomb out every single time? I'm a bit allergic to "Re-install" solutions recently. I've had if a few times in the last few months so I was like "You've got to be fu
  4. Thanks for the more detailed response. This is something I might be able to investigate.... Shane. Edit: Wow, 7MB unpacked but same error..... Should I unpack anything else and try again?
  5. Inspired response. Seriously? I think instead of re-installing windows, I'll just re-install an older version of Imgburn. That whould work too. Shane.
  6. And here's the log with my LG drive: Seems similar. Shane.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up on the firmware.... This is what happens when I try to rea<d from CD in my TSST drive..... It seems to catch an exception alright.... Shane
  8. Just for info, I've been using ImgBurn for a while now, great great program. I just upgraded to the latest version ( and I'm seeing the exact same problems as is highlighted here. I have two DVD+-RW drives (both DVD-RAM capable) and when trying to create an ISO from a CD, the program just disappears. DVDs work OK. DVD Drives are: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B (A106) TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S183L SB01 (SCSI) Shane.
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