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  1. Alright i guess i've made my decision then what i'm going to buy. http://www.kompu.ee/arvutikomponendid/cd-d...00a-0b-optiarc/ Is this that Optiarc that you recommend?
  2. But as i searched them i read that they're for SATA. What about Lite-On external drive(s)?
  3. Alright, but what dvd burner would you recommend for me?
  4. or buy an ide internal Que? What do you mean with that? What's ide iternal? EDIT: btw, what do you think about LG E20N drive?
  5. Well. I need USB DVD burner. Because my motherboard supports ATA not SATA. So, i go with USB one.
  6. Alright. So i guess i'll buy a new burner then, because i've like 5 more 8x Vebratim DL disks what're printable. I'm planning to buy this Samsung burner. I've read some reviews of it and they're positive. The drive is: Samsung SE-S184M
  7. Alright, i just let one dude flash my Box, flash works. So i wanted to play a game too and ofc started to burn a game and there it all went down. Here's my log. The error was typical I/O error. I 18:56:20 ImgBurn Version started!I 18:56:20 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 3) I 18:56:20 Total Physical Memory: 2
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