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  1. I'm not sure it would be a good idea to trust backups to a company that can specify Vista as a system requirement and also imply that a P1 chip and 256MB is sufficient to run it. But I'm running W2K, so I'm out of luck regardless. I appreciate the suggestion, though.
  2. Well, I just did a backup and was gratified to see that my Russian-language filenames (e.g. Так что же нам делать?, Л.Н.Толстой) were echoed in UTF8. It was my first use of this utility, and I'm very, very impressed by its speed and power. My field of practice before I retired was software human factors and, while I agree with you that this utility has an unusual and not especially intuitive interface, I didn't find it difficult to puzzle my way past the differences. Of course, my thirty years' engineering experience might have something to do with that; I'm sure it would feel more daunting to someone inexperienced. But I think you have to admit that the base price is more than right: you need neither use it nor pay to find out you don't want to. Are you perhaps not a native speaker of English? What you wrote seemed loaded with arrogance and hostility to me, and I'm sure you noticed that others here didn't seem to like it much, either. I'd prefer to think that's not the impression you intended to convey.
  3. That's a good question, and one to which I don't know the answer. Except under various Unices, I gave up trying to use dedicated backup utilities long ago, when they still wrote exclusively to tape drives. Unrecoverably, usually.
  4. I couldn't find existing mention of this when I searched on 'multi-disc'. Any chance of multi-disc volumes? I.e., where we could pass IB the root of an arbitrarily large subtree, plus perhaps a depth-first vs breadth-first preference, and thereafter just feed in new discs as wanted til the whole subtree was archived? Possibly even have the option to suspend the copy if we exhaust our day or blank discs before we exhaust the subtree?
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