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  1. +1 for this suggestion. To currently use ImgBurn for making perfect EAC backups, one has to perform some trickery in EAC. Doing this is inconvenient, plus the resulting image must be burned with the same drive used for ripping, or at least a drive with the exact same write offset. Surely a much better solution would be for everyone's favorite burning software to support entering of the single write offset value. Thanks for listening. You rock LUK.
  2. I know I can verify a disc against an image file, but is it possible to verify against a folder? I know this is done during a burn -if a folder is used as the source and you select the option to verify. What I'm talking about is after the fact, when the disc has already been created. I only see an option for an image file. Thanks.
  3. Great! Thank you for this. I'll try it out. Thank you again.
  4. Thanks LIGHTNING UK!. By the way, great little program you've got yourself, much appreciated. I'm still having trouble finding a way to view the "System" Volume Identifier. I have stored info there on many burns, and now need to retrieve it. Thank you.
  5. How about the volume identifiers; system, volume set, publisher, etc. How do I go about reading those? If ImgBurn does not support this, perhaps someone could recommend an application for this. Thank you for your time.
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