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  1. First of all let me thank you for bringing your great burning engine back! And the best thing is: I just ordered my Dual Layer bruner and was really worried how to create discs with the layer break bit at the right position. The day after I ordered the burner ImgBurn was released. Great timing! Now about donating. I was considering to donate about 10$ to you to thank you for all your hard work on this great program. However, if I click on the Paypal-logo there's an input field where I can insert how much I want to donate and below that it says "shipping 0?". So I'm wondering in what currency the amount I enter in that field will be - the 0? lets me assume it's in pound, but if I make a mistake entering the value, I get a message which tells me "For example, if the amount is $5.00 USD, you would enter 5.00." Of course I tried just entering a value and going to the next page, but that is already the one to enter my credit card data. And I won't do that until I know how much (i.e. in what currentcy) I'm actually donating, I won't do it. So please help me out, so I can send you your well-deserved donation.
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