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  1. running mbam now so far so good no objects found thanks all for the help i now have a place to go to for info if i have any more problems mbam found an additional 10 items all cleared now again thanks for all the help
  2. well again your welcome and you will be glad to know that dr web works it detected the .sys file deleted it rebooted my computer no more redirects and both my cd burner and my dvd reader are detected the error is gone
  3. your welcome although not sure how i solved it but your still welcome and thanks for the post on bleeping tried an still no luck
  4. sounds like a nasty bugger great. leave it to me thanks for the info chewy and the files lightning waiting on info from bleeping computers but it's looking like a complete flush and fill
  5. i already removed last thing i installed one of being uniccodec only other codec's i have is divix to run win avi hmmmmmmmm
  6. trying gmer now all the other software you had listed found nothing hopefully this works i always hate having to fdisk every thing including the mbr's
  7. tried all suggestions root repal crashs found no malwear or spyware no virus and still get that error msg used imgburn 2 days afo no problems today secrets error open to any other suggestions shy of reinstalling xp from scratch again did it 2 weeks ago
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