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  1. Hi all How I can add folder with (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) files to compilation list in ImgBurn v2.4.4.0 Somehow, after default installation of the program I figured that click on button 'browse for folder' in 'Build' window just add empty folder - in short: just a folder name. P.S. I understand that somehow whoever program UI for this program doesn't use any other programs and try to put everything (!) on one screen. I understand that whoever program this UI doesn't know what the meaning 'important' and 'advanced' or even 'user-friendly' UI. I understand that whoever program that program didn't hear about 80/20 idea (only 20% of program features will be used at 80% work scenarios). I understand that because whoever write this program disable option 'create folder' on compilation and there's no other way to create empty folder without somehow bring it empty already. I understand that there's no warning for user when trying to burn zero sized image. I understand that whoever write this program don't disable 'Cancel' button when burning process start (for whatever reasons might be) And after you realized that I understand all of this - can someone explain how the hell I can burn folder with inside files/folders ? Or should I spend more time setting some option that any person without special computer training doesn't understand ?
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