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  1. Then, could it be possible to make a batch processing for files ? It's fun with ISO, but to be able to do a batch, I must convert all my folders to ISO before burning them in batch. It would be nice if it was available. Like a checkbox that would say burn each folder on a different Disk. I would have like DVD1 DVD2 DVD3 with all the files I want to burn inside of them.
  2. I had to back up my computer (i'm still doing it). And it would be nice if I could just put a bunch of files, and have imgBurn tell me that the size is too big for the DVD, and ask me if I want to burn the content on multiple dvds. That way, I could just put like 40gb of data, and it will be burn on 10 DVDs. I don't know if it's possible, but it would be interresting.
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