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  1. Hi, if you are like me and you want a copy feature please wait patiently until LIGHTNING UK! decides to implement the feature. Or maybe try the software I just make to do it for you. It works like a batch file: start ImgBurn to make an image then start ImgBurn to burn the image. It's Free, so if you want to try it: http://ezcopies.jimdo.com/ I tested it on windows XP SP2, Vista and Windows 7 Pro. If you test it and it works on other system please tell me. Thank's LIGHTNING UK! for making the best software on the web. I hope you make my software useless by adding the copy feature.
  2. the variable %1 is not right in these lines: FolderContentRepresentRootDirectoryContent_2 FolderContentRepresentRootDirectoryContent_3 it should be %1 and it's written % 1 also the line CorrectFileSystem_DVDVideo is not translated. Here is the modified version. Hope it helps...french.lng
  3. There is nothing wrong with the mode menu. I only suggested an addition that could be used as a copy feature (read then write automatically after). It would be just another auto feature similar to 'close program' or 'shutdown computer' Sorry I didn't know about the option already in the software (I did not see it) Thank's for telling me about this option !
  4. first I want to tell you this software is FANTASTIC. I don't know if these questions was already asked. -Is it possible to add a checkbox to toggle from write/verify mode to read mode and to write/verify again... -Is it possible to clear or delete the queue file when finished writing all dvds?
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