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  1. Cool. Do I just kill the files that turn red in gmer or all of the ones that come up in rootkit/malware? And as far as the other programs that you want me to run after this, are you talking about DrWeb and AVG?
  2. I fired up gmer instead and it's already found the following: \\?\globalroot\systemroot\system32\gxvxchdplofhkgibglcexnjuuqwiyenibgtjm.dll c:\Windows\system32\drivers\gxvxcefvegeqagnphsyoikcngpiwxrpsxqbct.sys
  3. Ok got RootRepeal up and running... do you recommend just running a scan on every category? Yeah I ran DrWeb CureIt 3 times to be sure... full scan with no issues at all.
  4. I actually went to install AVG and it errors every single time and aborts installation. Yeah, I'm really screwed right now
  5. I'm getting the "maximum number of secrets..." problem. I'm so angry because I've NEVER had a problem with Img Burn and absolutely love the program.
  6. I've actually ran into the same exact problem today... I did everything you instructed to do and I still get the same error in img burn. I'm so frustrated because I seriously didn't download or install anything for quite a while, and certainly not today. I think my brother has some explaining to do
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