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  1. blutach I create ISO image and try to burn it, but i got that error. Now i try you use VobBlanker. Cynthia sorry, but i can't understand your last message (may be can't translate correctly) p.s. I am man
  2. Cynthia thanks. DVD+R DL blutach i will test it, but i interesting, why i not got that erroe then i try to create ISO image ? That the difference ?
  3. When i try to burn dual layer disk, i got message like this http://forum.imgburn.com/uploads/monthly_0...-1205692833.png But if i try to do ISO image, it's like to be all right and i see message like this http://forum.imgburn.com/uploads/monthly_0...-1187127865.png Why i got error then i try to burn disk if there are no error in creating ISO image ? And what i need to do to fix it ? P.S.: i from Russia, sorry for my english.
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