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  1. found a solution for me in dvdfab. it has a simple clone function for dvd's. thanks.
  2. I am a novice. I just followed the basic instructions. I created an image file from disk, then write image to disk. It created an ISO file. However I did have to load DVD43 for the the copy to work as it was a protected cd. It is an exercise video I use at work and home. I wanted to make a copy so i didnt have to take it back and forth daily. (i understand i can do this legally for personal use only) Im sure there must be a way it has been very frustrating trying to do a simple copy. Img has taken me light years further than i was three days ago. the Roxio software that came with my PC wouldnt even attempt to write a DVD disc copy regardless of protection. Is there another process or procedure i should use to make a copy?
  3. the dvd that was burned does not have a title or root menu. when the menu is selected from dvd play the dvd starts over.
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