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  1. Thanks for your reply. It is on the instructions (nfo) of some downloaded folders.
  2. Hello, I cannot burn at 2x speed. The slower that I can burn in both drives is 4x. Also I cannot search the forum for the term "2x" as the search function doesn't accept so short words, therefore I posted here.
  3. OK just a quick update: this drive was in my work PC. I removed it and installed it in my home PC, and replaced it with a Benq 1640, which I had home (as a burning drive I prefer a plextor at home). So now after the swap I noticed a huge difference, today I tested 3 images (size about 4.3 GB each) all successfully burned. Not only this but the verification progress' speed with the SonyAccCORE was between 2x and 3x now it was 12x or more. All 3 burns with me browsing, visiting blogs etc, Azureus running seeding 6 huge files and Internet Download Manager downloading some smaller files. I tend to believe that DVD drives behave differently between different PCs, for example I had some defect burns with Benq at home and none with plextor, so I used only plextor for burning (AMD PC).
  4. Thanks for replies. I already flushed the my drive with the new firmware. I constantly defrag my drives with perfect disk. When you say stop virus scans you mean "on demand" scan or disable the antivirus protection during burning? Also do I have to exit Azureus, which uses I/O, as well as Internet Download Manager, browsing with firefox etc ?
  5. My DVD drive (if I remove the cable) is as follows: I guess its SATA, so I already have the latest firmware. Thanks for this. I am attaching my full log in case someone want to help/go though. ImgBurn..log
  6. Hi Cynthia, I burned at max speed just for provide the reply soonest possible. Usually I set the burning speed around 8-12x. I will try to update the firmware of my burner tomorrow (if it is PATA which I hope to find out), as I am home now and the sony burner in subject is on my work PC
  7. Thanks for replying, here is my log, please note that I think the problem occurred near to the end of the disk this time. I hope its the disks' problem and nothing else.
  8. Hello, I bought 100 sony DVD-R for the sole purpose to burn .img files with imgburn. When I finish burning them there is a circle line at the middle of the DVD which clearly shows that there is a burning error (looks approximately like the disk has not been burned around in the middle for 2-3 millimeters). The strange thing is that I post it, in order to see if there is a similar experience, its strange because the jamming on the disk ends at the end of a chapter and so does the beginning (i.e. usually 3 chapters are defective and all others are fine).
  9. Everything is fine boss with Sorry for inconvenience
  10. Thanks for your response. I am using, I am at office now, when I go home I will install new version, will burn again a truecrypt volume and I will revert.
  11. Hello. I am using imgburn almost exclusively to burn to CD and DVD data and various image files. In case of data I use "mode>build" and then choose "switch to device output", in order to burn data directly to disk. TrueCrypt is a "Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Encryption", creating a virtual encrypted disk which can be burned to a cd/dvd. Well this is the only time that imgburn failed to burn correctly, as I burned 3 times the "virtual encrypted disk" and this was unreadable. Then I burned same file with Nero and the result was successful. It is not a big deal but I thought to report it. Additionally one question: when I burn data directly to CD the results are always shown and burned alphabetically. Can I change that?
  12. something is dodgy here , TYG02 discs are -R Cornholio, I must admit that you were so right (admit even after a year ) Yesterday I bought a hundred Tayio Yuden, from the same shop, but slightly more expensive than the previous ones, which were yellow colored. Now the new disks are white and I already succeded burning an img file with WOPC enabled (first try successful in full speed). With the previous yellow TY disks, it was impossible to complete burning with WOPC enabled in full speed, only in 2X. When I was disabling the WOPC, the burning was successful at 8X. However now, with the new disks, I already got the same speeds with WOPC enabled. I will try later on, to burn with the new disks and disable WOPC to see what speeds I can get. I strongly recommend avoiding the previous problematic yellow TY disks. To give another example, I had a yellow TY disk containing 4.3GB video file, which I was trying to copy (for a friend) to a new disk (picture of the new disk is below) and I got a message that there is not enough space and that copy cannot proceed (with two different copying software).
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