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  1. So what's up with the MDS. file? I always rip to VIDEO_TS, use shrink to make an ISO, then burn the ISO, but if I have to copy a copy, I use ISO read and get an MDS file also. I know there is a setting to disable it, but I don't understand it so I leave it alone.
  2. I have a Lite-on 1633s hooked up as sec. master and a Creative 5241e (old) dvdrom hooked up as pri. slave. It seems I never use the Creative to rip, because it is too slow, so I use my Lite-on for ripping and burning though I rather wouldn't. I always rip to file and process with Shrink first. Should the Creative be hooked up as Sec. Slave? Or is it just an inherently old piece of crap?
  3. Sorry to hear of probs with Ritek. Guess I have been lucky-I only use Ritek Ridata G05's from Meritline. $36.99 for 100 and I don't seem to get bad burns unless I've been messing with my system. Been burning for about a year and they seem to last.
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