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  1. I think clever is the wrong word
  2. Thanks for the explanation LUK Just tried it and it shows just like you said
  3. Doesnt give a bad scan though !
  4. I am SOOOOOOOOO PLEASED That Nero Is a Piece of Complete and Utter Sh1t............................. Nero Burns that Image (as does Clone DVD btw) but the disk is complete friggin garbage.............. 4GB of unknown data on an unrecognised file system.................. Well thats My last bit of Faith in Nero gone down the toilet! Now if only ImgBurn would support multipe burners in the future Well at least i wont be gettin a load of TY coasters from it unlike nero!
  5. Bizarre Ill burn a copy with nero and see if power dvd will play it........ Neros has just opened it and is burning ? (I never did like nero!) ============================================================== On a side not just burnt a firmware boot disk for a ps2 and the boot image maker made a bin file Nero opened and burnt this fine using Recorder > Burn Image > Point to G2V2 file Question I had to set to Mode 2 Raw data What is this ? I tried to open and burn the file in img burn but it didnt recognise it?!? When i looked at the file it had no .bin suffix I edited the file and then ImgBurn opens it, havent burnt with img burn yet but i dont get the Mode1 or Mode 2 Options do i ?? ===================================================================== Just waiting for nero to finish
  6. Working on It as we speak................ Sorry, work, red wine & pizza came first !
  7. Even more strange i just opened the iso image with CloneDVD2 (Latest) and it burns to disk no problem ?
  8. Hi I have an ISO image on HDD (I cant remember how i made it, 90% it was with shrink ) If i try to open it with imgburn i get the error attached If i open it with nero it is fine and i can burn it to disk But the bizarre thing is if i open it with MagicIso i get an error "Cant find the file or file isnt cd image file" Now i gues the iso has a problem and not imgburn as magic iso cant read it ? But how come nero can read and burn it ? (Nero is
  9. The good old favourite for Coasters http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=540 Is still performing as per its name Who put the Crap in CMC ?
  10. I think this is the site LUK is referring to, http://www.alexander-noe.com/cdvd/bitsetting/ Alex's software runs very nice for the auto setting from command line of booktype.......... I had an old LG and used this till i dumped it and got a benq 1640
  11. Thanks for the reply LUK! So from the Plextor and Pioneer Burn Graphs, the plextor is a nice curve (ignoring the spikes) whereas the Pioneer is a series of horizontal lines at different speeds ? Also what do you think of your plextor drive compared to the pioneer ? I have Benq, Pioneer and NEC in my stables and need an external usb2/ f/w drive for my laptop and was looking at the plextor ( thing that put me off was price compared to the pioneer ) ? Thanks for the advice
  12. Downloading Now................Many Thanks
  13. Hi I havent used DVDInfo Pro yet, I have been trying to download the trial for 3 days now and the http://www.dvd-recordable.org/Reviews+inde...nt-id-153.phtml Download Link doesnt seem to work, i got through once and then the following link failed ?!?! Anywhere else to d/l it from ? I have been using neros cd/dvd speed for quality analysis on my benq1640 drive. I see the output from imgburn that gives DVDinfoPro the ability to show you a burn graph.............. What exactly should these look like ? I have looked in the media section on this site and seen the write graphs, but what does a good and bad graph look like ? The plextor write graph seems totally different from the 110 graph but the both report as good burns of 92% or more. Also can anyone post over on the media section ? I have a set of nice burns from imgburn on tyg02 media with a pioneer 110 drive ? (The graphs are neros) Cheers Dave
  14. An 1100A bitsetting f/w is available here http://www.herrie.org/ Click Firmware > NEC1x00 > NEC 1100 patched from the 1300 f/w use at your own risk!
  15. Its NOT FUNNY at all See http://www.svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=727 You REALLY Must check the DYE the manufacturer has outsourced their disks to as its no longer a world of I USE VERB BECAUSE THEY ARE EXCELLENT QUALITY! now the Verbs with CMC dyd may be ok, i havent used any myself or read any posts either way about them ! But looking at other reports of cmc dyed disks id recommend steering clear!
  16. @volvo............ Nice Cheerleader GIF m8
  17. Be carefull as its not the make ie verbatim its the dye ie cmc,tyg02, mcc etc I am sure i saw some verb 8x dvd-r with cmc dye the other day, i may be wrong though! A good Verbatim is here http://www.svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=221 A good cheap disk is the Datasafe 16x DVD-R MCC03RG20 disks here http://www.svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=198 And if you have big wallet then just buy Taiyo Yuden as these are always 100% excellent
  18. No believe me its worse than sh1t Try using Disks with the TYG02 or MCC 03RG20 dye I have had great success with these,over 99%, have a look at cdfreaks media forums for the different dye types and burn results I had a 1000 Datawrite Titanium DVD-R's with the CMC Dye and was running at about 38% coasters............ Absolute Crap, they should sell em as beer mat coasters for a penny each and if you get a burn then you have had a result!
  19. Here at cdfreaks http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=161174 Starting at post number 9
  20. Hi Quick question about ImgBurn..... Is it a newer improved burning engine compared to DVDDecrypter ? Only i read this morning over on CDFreaks that ImgBurn doesnt burn as well as DVDD does ? And will you be posting a list of the *small* changes that the next version of imgburn will have ?
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